Bitcot Wins the ‘Plantronics PLT Labs App Innovation Contest 2015’

Bitcot Wins the ‘Plantronics PLT Labs App Innovation Contest 2015’

The ‘PlanetCar’ app developed by ‘BitCot Technologies’ has been announced as the winner in the $ 50000 ‘PLT Labs App Innovation Contest’. The PLT Lab app innovation contest was contested by 88 entries from 33 countries all over the world. The goal of the contest was to create an app that would make use of the Plantronics headset APIs for making business applications.

‘PlanetCar’ app uses the ‘Voyager Legend’ prototype headphone fitted with motion sensors to create an accident detection application that would raise alerts on situations which indicate a possible accident event to user specified SOS contacts. Situations where accident detection happen includes free-fall of the headphone and displacement of the headphones while driving, indicating that there could have been an accident.

The idea was unique in the sense it had a novel approach and that it also proved to be a marketable plan with a good target user base. The final presentation was done on May 18 to the judges’ panel from Plantronics and they were impressed with both the concept and the execution. The results were then officially announced on June 04, 2015 and Bitcot Technologies was announced as the winner.

It is a proud moment for Bitcot Technologies as an organization and goes to reinforce our belief that we can compete among the best in the world and emerge victorious. We thank all our colleagues, clients and partners for their association with us and helping us achieve this feat.”

Author: Raj Sanghvi

Raj Sanghvi is a technologist, innovator and founder/CEO of BitCot, a full service award-winning application development company. With BitCot, Sanghvi has helped over 100 clients develop mobile apps & SaaS platforms, making them affordable and successful. Visit Raj Sanghvi on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter, @BitCot.View Full Bio

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