Community mobile application and how to grow your audience

Community mobile application and how to grow your audience

The growth in technology, business and innovation has lead the environment endangered and thus facing crises. Hence, building a QAI App platform was to create a growing community that would help connect and share ideas for the sustainability of our planet. The objective of QAI is to be able to connect the community ideas for the environmental challenges in order to have a better tomorrow.

The goal of the QAI app is to encourage radical new methodologies for comprehending incredulous worldwide issues towards fabricating extensions between the middle of world-renowned technologists and the world-saving environmentalists. Generally speaking, sustainability projects are rooted with solutions like promoting re-planting ideas and preserving wetlands however, QAI has given a platform for participants to share their point of views.

Constructed by the team, the idea is to be able to create awareness among the people by building harmony and care towards the ecosystem we live in, the app invites attendees to captivate and discuss on a solutions-focused dialog which will act as a catalyst for a better future.

Features of the QAI App

This app enables to view, support and comment on environmental ideas but it also allows attendees to have a discussion and which generally ends with solutions for protecting the reference frame around us that is our habitat.

It allows participants to be able to be share their perspectives and thoughts on an upload which further leads in conducting targeted research on the respective environmental domain or barrier.

Apart from sharing of thoughts by participants it also helps individuals to know about the global challenges faced by our green surroundings and once again provoking participants to find solutions for the local encompass but sometimes even on the global scales.

1. Campfire Tab – Real time feed that shows idea and research findings from the community.



2. Research Tab – Ask questions around environmental topics. Share your top findings with the community.



3. Ideas Tab – Post ideas, thoughts, inspirations, provocations as text, links, photos or videos.



4. Canvas Tab – It enables the participants to enjoy the curated environmentally focused art and media.



5. Community Tab – the active participants and the latest uploads can be encountered on this screen with the time of the upload.



Sustainability and Conservation of Environment

The preservation of natural resources and then developing alternative sources of energy in order to reduce the pollution and also create a less harmful environment has become necessary. Reason being that, QAI has developed itself in a way where participants can bring the problems and risks the ecosystem has been facing in the light by posting their thoughts, providing opinions and paving way f0r better solutions on a larger scale.

QAI is supporting the concept of preservation of energy in addition to that it is also motivating the participants to discuss and come up with ideas for sustaining a positive and cleaner surroundings.

In sum, QAI is a mobile app which has created a social platform for attendees to be able to have conference interactions over environmental problems and have targeted research over issues that can benefit the world for a safer and a cleaner living environment.

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Author: Raj Sanghvi

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