Metros, a sharing economy on blockchain

Metros, a sharing economy on blockchain

Metros will revolutionize the Sharing Economy landscape for a more transparent, trusted and efficient society, benefiting all consumers.

What is Metros
Metros is a complete blockchain solution for Sharing Economy industry. We aim to provide a highly scalable, secure and low cost blockchain operating system for all Sharing Economy Dapps (Distributed Apps). By replacing centralized platforms with peer-to-peer public blockchain, Metros will revolutionize the Sharing Economy landscape for a more transparent, trusted and efficient society, benefiting all consumers. Our goal is to become the equivalent of iOS and App Store for Sharing Economy blockchain based Dapps.


Metros is the first blockchain platform that is specifically designed to support Sharing Economy Dapps on public blockchains. It provides all essential underlying blockchain infrastructure needed for Dapps providers to write and deploy their application on the Metros platfrom.

Complete Solution for Building Sharing Economy Dapps
Metros is built from ground up to be a one-stop-shop blockchain operating system, which provides all building blocks for Dapps so that developers can focus on application specific logic rather than building the infrastructure by themselves.



Configurable Data Storage Solution
Metros supports multiple storage solutions. With Metros data storage adapters, Dapps can either use the build-in MDS (Metros Data Storage) solution, or connect to IPFS and Storj. This provides the most flexibility to Dapp providers for their unique needs. Metros data storage solution also provides an alternative to Dapp providers who wish to leverage traditional enterprise grade data storage provider like AWS.



TPOS Consensus Algorithm
Metros’ unique TPOS (Tiered Proof Of Stake) consensus algorithm combines the best of POW and POS models. It not only ensures that the system will be able to handle network throughput at 100,000s of transactions per second, but also encourages all miners to be involved in the consensus process and be able to build and develop their statuses over the time.


High Performance & Scalability (>100,000TPS)
Metros creates dedicated side-chains for each Dapp deployed within the network. Metros network can process transactions in parallel to overcome the technical bottleneck found in many public blockchains. In addition, the TPOS consensus algorithm allows transactions to be validated and confirmed within seconds, not minutes.

With support for unlimited number of side-chains, Metros is designed to support more Dapps without degradation on performance. The Metros main chain is capable of processing and verifying hundreds of thousand of transactions per second.

Decentralized Edge and Fog Computing
Developed on top of modern Edge and Fog Computing architecture framework, Metros eliminates the need for a centralized data center, by distributing computing resources amongst the clients themselves. Nodes running Metros client software can connect to each other via the Metros P2P network to maintain the Metro ecosystem.



3 Mining Options
Users in the Metros network can participate in 3 different ways to “mine” Metros tokens. They can either contribute spare storage from PCs and dedicated storage devices, or contribute spare computing resources from smartphone and PCs to maintain the Metros main public ledger and Dapps specific side-chains. Metros is a true example of an ideal Sharing Economy, where users collaborate with each other without any middlemen, benefiting all parties in the network.




Author: Raj Sanghvi

Raj Sanghvi is a technologist, innovator and founder/CEO of BitCot, a full service award-winning application development company. With BitCot, Sanghvi has helped over 100 clients develop mobile apps & SaaS platforms, making them affordable and successful. Visit Raj Sanghvi on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter, @BitCot.View Full Bio

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