Create Digital Inspection
Software Platform

Improve your inspection process with our platform’s automation and management tools. You’ll be able to create and track end-to-end flows with complete ease.

Digital Inspection Platform

Features of Digital Inspection Platform

Take advantage of the following feature to improve your business’s efficiency and bottom-line.

Streamlined Process

Manage your inspector itineraries, checklists, decisions, results, ordinance, and violation inputs all in one digital inspection platform.

Customizable Reports

Create custom dashboards to isolate and resolve the safety, compliance, and health issues.

Form Options

Build and customize the forms that best suit your interests, whether they are inspection forms, checklists, timesheets, or other options.


Auto-schedule calendar events and notification triggers to boost productivity, ensure process compliance, and achieve operational excellence.

Streamlined Scheduling

Streamline Scheduling And Track Inspection Completion

Auto-schedule recurring inspections and easily visualize their results over any given period of time.

Create Automatic Notifications & Alerts

Get ahead of any potential confusion with automatic notifications and alerts.

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Customize Digital Inspection
Reports to Your Satisfaction

Meet and exceed your client’s expectations with digital inspection reporting tailor-made for their preferences.

Complete Access to Full
Audit History

Audit your application information and history whenever and wherever. Refer to past activities at your convenience for better decision-making going forward.

Your field workforce can sync their User Portal while online

Easily Integrates & Improves Your
Current Software Systems

Our digital inspection software platform is flexible and can integrate with current systems you may have to create dynamic, interactive forms.

Regardless of how our inspection solutions are integrated, your users in the field will certainly have access to powerful tools that help them clearly document issues, initiate immediate action, and supply valuable information to the back office.

Digitize your Inspection to Gather More Accurate and Complete Data

Go Deeper with Your Inspection Data

Today, most inspections are still conducted manually through pen and paper, spreadsheets, or outdated software. Not only have these inspection tools become obsolete, but they also have become inadequate as newer software platforms are able to capture more data points and trends. Get BitCot’s Digital Inspection Software Platform to improve your company’s time-to-decision, while also being capable of more meaningful analysis!

With BitCot’s platform, you’ll be able to gather insights and make decisions directly from up-to-date data and real-time reports. Your inspection process will be visible, standardized, and streamlined like never before.

Create Visibility For Your Inspection Performance

Use platform features to create configurable charts and graphs that visualize inspection information for your convenience. All inspection data will be secured in one centralized system.

Standardize Your Inspection Process

Ensure consistency across inspection data by enabling custom templates and checklists for all relevant users.

Streamline Tasks and Ensure Results

Our platform will allow you to identify and assign any follow-up tasks related to your inspection’s findings. If necessary, escalate with email notifications and dashboards that display task completion progress.

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Customize Dynamic Forms

Design forms that correspond with your inspection and automate data processes with logical functions.

Define Unique Workflows

Use our platform to customize workflows that guide inspectors, trigger alerts, and automate task management.

Automate Corrective Actions

Create and automate corrective actions specific to your inspections’ needs so that your follow-up process is as smooth as your initial inspection.

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