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Monitoring crop health and soil conditions is crucial for farmers to maximize yields and minimize crop losses. However, traditional methods of monitoring can be time-consuming and require farmers to physically inspect their crops and soil. This can be especially challenging for farmers with large fields or multiple crops to monitor.


Crophesy offers a solution by allowing farmers to remotely monitor their crops and soil using a smartphone and wireless sensors. With the Crophesy mobile app and wireless probes, farmers can access real-time information on soil moisture, soil density, salinity, temperature, water infiltration, and consumption. This information is transmitted wirelessly to the cloud and processed by Crophesy’s analysis engine, giving farmers valuable insights into the health of their crops and soil.

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Crophesy is a pay as you grow service that accurately predicts crop health and yield through an intelligent soil deciphering algorithm.

With Crophesy, farmers can use a smartphone to remotely monitor crops and plants and see stats on soil moisture, soil density, salinity, and temperature, as well as water infiltration and consumption.

Crophesy 3-sensor wireless probes placed throughout vegetable fields or nurseries give farmers a broad, field level view with crop-specific insights about soil and crop health.

Growers have relied on gut instinct and field inspections to tell them when to water. With climate change threatening and persistent drought in many growing areas, growers need better information to help guide them to good soil management decisions, crophesy monitoring data helps the grower to overcome this situation.


Pointing the location accuracy of the implemented iOT devices on field in the map.

Plotting graph parameters based upon the device data.


Project Goals

  • Crophesy offers a convenient and efficient solution for farmers to monitor their crops and soil health, ultimately leading to better yields and reduced crop losses.


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