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The purpose of this web application is multi-faceted. It aims to define the software’s structure, encompassing its components and their interrelationships, delineate the use cases that deliver the specified features, and provide an extensive software design, including its various interfaces.


One of the salient features of this web application is its integration with the VTEX digital commerce platform. VTEX provides an array of customization options that allow enterprises to explore innovative ways to sell and fulfill products and services. The Momentum web app, built on top of the VTEX framework, adds customizations to match the specific requirements.


VTEX Integration: The application will be built on the VTEX platform and will leverage its features for catalog management, order processing, and more.

AWS Services: The application will use several AWS services, including Lambda, S3, EventBridge, and DynamoDB, for serverless computing, object storage, event-driven applications, and NoSQL database management, respectively.

Catalog Data Load: AWS Lambda, EventBridge, and DynamoDB will be used to upload products from Momentum into VTEX.

Login Flow: Login will be restricted to customers who have an account in Momentum ERP.

Order Flow: VTEX provides webhooks for order processing, and the application will parse order details to the Momentum ERP.

Inventory Integration: Inventory will be updated as part of the products and SKU flow, and when an order is processed.

Wallpaper Reselect Flow: A specific search process for selecting inventory, color, and style of wallpaper.

Five Clicks Search Flow: A guided application to narrow down products suitable for a given application based on user choices.

Return Label: Customers will have the ability to generate a pre-paid return label without specifying the samples to be returned. Samples multiple orders can be returned with a one return label.



Data Store Design of VTEX
The software is constrained by third-party system designs, including the data store design of VTEX.
Payment Flow Constraints
The application may face constraints related to payment flow.
Authentication Restrictions
The application may face restrictions related to authentication.

Project Goals

Scalability and Maintainability: The architecture should be scalable and maintainable, allowing for the addition of features and functionality in the future.

Robust and Testable: The architecture should be robust and testable, with strong separation between functionality.

Leverage Existing Software: The architecture should leverage existing software where it does not conflict with the core architectural vision.

Facilitate Testing: The architecture should facilitate testing of the application.


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