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Stomp Sessions is a platform or service that facilitates connections between individuals and local experts or professionals in various sports. The purpose of this platform is to enable individuals to enhance their skills and knowledge in their preferred sports in order to improve at a faster pace.


Stomp Sessions connects you with local experts and pros to explore more and get better faster to have more fun in the sports you love.



    Athlete-Matching: Stomp Sessions is a mobile platform that connects athletes with local experts and professional athletes in their area.

    Skill Enhancement: The platform aims to help athletes explore more and improve their skills at a faster rate.

    Sport Expansion: Initially focused on skiing and snowboarding, Stomp Sessions plans to expand to include other sports like skateboarding, SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboarding), and mountain biking.

    Session Options: Athletes can choose from various session types, including Follow a Local, Skill Sessions, and Ride with a Pro, based on their preferences and goals.

    Media Capture: Each session includes a photo or video captured by a certified Stomp Coach, providing athletes with a visual record of their experience.


    Limited Availability
    Stomp Sessions is currently in the pilot phase and is only available at select resorts for skiing and snowboarding during the spring.
    Skill Diversity
    The platform is in the process of expanding to include additional sports, which may require finding and onboarding local experts and professionals in those sports.
    Accessibility and Reach
    Stomp Sessions may face challenges in reaching a wider audience and making its services available in different regions.

    Project Goals

    • Stomp Sessions aims to help athletes improve their skills in their chosen sports by connecting them with experienced local experts and professionals.
    • The platform seeks to provide athletes with unique and memorable experiences, whether it's learning from a local, perfecting specific skills, or riding with a professional.
    • Stomp Sessions plans to expand its offerings beyond skiing and snowboarding to include a variety of sports like skateboarding, SUP, and mountain biking, thereby catering to a broader range of athletes.


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