Why Partner With BitCot Software Development Company?

We can be your end-to-end Analytics partner or handle a part of your analytics strategy.
You will have a dedicated account manager who you can talk to as frequently as daily to ensure that your analytics journey is on track.

World Class Development Requirements
World Class Development Requirements

Partners are part of the development community and get the support to efficiently define, develop and launch their product. The same Dassault Systèmes development environment that is used for the creation of our own portfolio, together with skill building resources, such as education licenses, support hotline, trainings and seminars, enable partners to reach their objectives, reduce their development cost and optimize their return on investment.

Long Term Partnership For Mutual Benefits
Long Term Partnership For Mutual Benefits

From product specification to product launch, from contract signature to market success, Dassault Systèmes and their partners establish a win-win relationship which is built for the long run. Following the cooperative definition of the product intent and business plan, partners can have the confidence to embark in a winning strategy which meets the market demand.

Make Community Collaboration A Reality
Make Community Collaboration A Reality

For the global community of Software Partners, Dassault Systèmes provides the environment for collaboration – with customers, partners and development teams - to enable exchange, innovation, and sharing of knowledge. Presentation of solutions and collaboration on business opportunities between partners and Dassault Systèmes channels is an explicit focus to support coordinated selling.

Go To Market Support
Go To Market Support

Dassault Systèmes endorses the products developed within the Software Partnership. They are listed on our website under the partner company profile and contact links for business development. Partners are invited to join Dassault Systèmes customer events for exhibiting their offerings and to engage in our premium online marketing and lead generation program.

Software Partnership
Program Key Highlights

Open new revenue streams and growth channels.

Integrate with applications seamlessly and enable new levels of connectivity and transformation.

Reduce cost by improving delivery capabilities.

Integrated solutions from years of cross-industry experience and technology expertise.

Increase value among clients.

Build with speed and agility to enable you to meet business needs, now and in the future.

Expand reach of business.

Enable faster development of enterprise-class apps, improving developer productivity.

Ready To Get Started?

No matter where you are in the planning process of your app, our experts are happy to help you. Our expert consultants discuss your plans & challenges, evaluate your existing mobile apps or even make some initial recommendations.

Together We Win

Our partners are at the heart of BitCot : We have a proven track record of trusted partnerships and consistent partner investment. HPE Partner Ready—one of the IT industry’s oldest and most respected partner program—will support your business model and provide you with what you need to succeed.


Accelerate your growth by using our market expertise, flexible financial solutions, and rich enablement tools.


Increase profits and reach new markets as an HPE partner. We’ll show you how to move your business further, faster.


Leverage the global HPE Partner Ready ecosystem, solutions, and services to create new value opportunities and reduce time to market.

Why Choose BitCot?

Our partners are innovative leaders in their particular domain and have developed their software applications with the Dassault Systèmes
development platform to be fully integrated and aligned with the Dassault Systèmes portfolio of components.

Why Choose BitCot?

Software Partner Program:

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Emerging Partner
Access Partner
Content Cloud Partner

Why Choose BitCot As A Software Enterprise Partner?

We specialize in the art of crafting a responsive and UI-rich fantasy sports games application
for fantasy sports enthusiasts, leagues, clubs, and professionals.

  • API Development

    Our apps have capabilities to integrate with 3rd party APIs such as Google Fit to access health data.

  • Predictive Analytics

    We improve employee engagement and productivity by using predictive analytics of our apps.

  • Technical Support

    Our efficient support team provides prompt answers to your queries, with regards to the applications.

  • Ease Of Use

    We develop apps that save valuable time with easy to use navigational features.

  • Cost-Effective

    We develop affordable, quality-driven solutions, incorporating the must-have features.

  • Safety & Security

    We prioritize on data encryption for confidential health and fitness data for security and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Enterprise software, also known as enterprise application software (EAS), is computer software used to satisfy the needs of an organization rather than individual users. Such organizations include businesses, schools, interest-based user groups, clubs, charities, and governments.
Some examples of IoT development services are wearable technology, smart power grids, and intelligent medical devices.
Internet of Things application development is the process of developing Softwares that utilizes integrate IoT sensor information, possibly combined with artificial intelligence technology to create an intelligent and proactive user experience.
Popular IoT platforms include, but are not limited to, Thingworx, ioBridge, and Sense.