Mobile Application Project Presentation

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Mobile App Development Project Presentation

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Our custom software development team has extensive experience in developing web applications. We develop engaging enterprise quality applications for both startups and industry are leading companies, spanning IoT, Healthcare, Insurance, AI, Entertainment.

We specialize in using ROR, PHP, Angular, ReactJS, Bootstrap CSS, LESS, to create the most robust and intuitive user interfaces, while at the same time architecting cloud-based solutions that have proven to be much easier to manage.


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adam haines

chief marketing officer, golog

Bitcot was able to complete our app, on deadline, what two previous companies were unable to accomplish for 1 year. They were the perfect balance of professionalism, diligence and pricing. But most important, they were able to deliver a solid product - one we can be proud of.

Vora App Development



BitCot’s team takes responsibility for designing and building the website for Vora to show all their jewelry. BitCot’s team has made it possible for Vora to display their works and share their concept with others. Now more people than ever can see Vora’s works on their website through the website built by BitCot.

Fashion and technology are integrated to give custom solutions while maintaining aesthetics and beauty. With the use of wearable technology, you can stay connected with the world. Vora has been able to use technology to appeal to eyes and enjoy the environment better. The technology helps the jewelry to notice the surroundings and give effects on the jewelry. Vora is offering the integration of technology into jewelry. Now styling for a party or a night out will be personalized with Vora jewelry and your styling will be unique.

Vora App

Loan Origination System

Loan Process

The website has been carefully made by BitCot so that the features and information offered are easily accessible. It is very integral for any business to have a website that does justice to their business and reached out to existing and new users to try out their features. The process of taking a loan, making payments, or completing the repayment is simplified.

Loan Origination App
Biglio Web and Mobile App Development

All in one, Simple to use Platform!


The website built by BitCot hosts Biglio’s works. People work on their business through the website and use features to share and collectively work on documents. Users can work remotely and optimize their time if they just simply visit Biglio’s website.

It is a platform built to work and view documents collectively to save time and effort. On the platform suppliers, vendors, and any other related party can access the documents on the same platform and work on it seamlessly. 

The files are perfectly organized as per the user and kept in one place. The user can share these files and work on them on Biglio’s platform. You can store all your files and documents with Biglio and access them whenever you need them. You can access all such files on the go and do not need help to access these files. Agreements and contracts can be discussed between parties which are located in remote locations and they can work out on fine print by discussing Biglio. 

With all the files in one place, you don’t have to share large documents or skim through emails to find the attachments. Anyone can receive the link of the document and access it on Biglio and you can give limited access to the document if you don’t want any changes made to it. 

To save time in sorting the documents and finalizing the terms of the agreement store on Biglio and access the documents from anyplace. BitCot has made the technology for smooth access and best UI and UX. The tools provide access to more functions to help the users get most out of Biglio’s platform.

Designed to go, where you go!

Case Studies

For the building of the platforms from the ground up, BitCot is providing all the solutions required from pre-launch. Even the existing platforms can be rebuild or renovated using BitCot’s expertise. All platforms can expand their business and reach out to more users. BitCot will ensure that the best tools are used so that the best solution is provided.

  • Copywriting
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Video Editing
  • Email Automations
  • SMMA
  • Marketing Strategy
  • A/B Testing
  • Custom Integrations
  • Software Development
  • Ad Creatives
  • Funnel Building

Designed to go, where you go!


Even medical equipment has been utilizing technology to help save lives. With technology, there is better monitoring of health and treatment. Oxyensure has been using such technology to reduce the costs of the patients and make healthcare accessible to more number of people.

Oxyensure provides many products that are useful for easy access to oxygen. This includes portable bags that are lightweight and can be carried around with ease. The products have a portable battery that can be charged and provides a long back up. 

The products actively monitor the surroundings and adjust accordingly. It ensures that a comfortable environment is maintained so that the user can be healthy. The company provides a 5-year warranty with the product to provide assistance after sales as well and to prove the faith in the quality. Now one can buy the POC from Oxyensure and can use it to make their lives more comfortable. 

All patients requiring oxygen therapy do not have access to portable oxygen concentrators. Oxyensure is saving these lives by helping such patients secure a POC. Oxyensure is using technology to make the POC accessible to more patients. BitCot built the tech for Oxyensure to reach patients and give them the solution to breathing clean air. BitCot is committed to making lives and businesses better.


PlanMember Financial Corporation

PlanMember Financial Corporation is committed to helping money grow for people across income groups. Their idea has been to provide financial sustainability and support to all the people in service. They have been providing services to people who do not have corporate jobs and do not have the exposure that a corporate job brings. 

BitCot has supported their venture by providing technological support. PlanMember Financial has been able to provide its services to a large number of the user through technology. The technology has also provided these users with information and access to investment opportunities. This technology has enabled the large user base to increase their financial capabilities and secure their futures. 

BitCot’s team has built the website for PlanMember Financial so that it can provide the user ease of access to the platform and tools to maximize the benefits offered on the platform. The website includes all the features required so that users have access to functions required to test the features of PlanMember.

PlanMember Financial Corporation


Scripps Affiliated Medical Groups

BitCot has designed the Scripp’s website which is used by physicians. Physicians are using the tools to complete all other tasks and focus on treating patients. With BitCot’s website, physicians can carry out medical advisories and be confident about the completion of routine tasks. The website has all the information and demo of the responsibilities which the physicians can perform through Scripps.

They are providing marketing and technology services to physician members with the view to provide their business with tools they need to grow. With these tools, the physicians are able to amplify their medical practice and provide health care services to a large number of people. Any task which does not require medical expertise can be performed through Scripps. 

There are many administrative tasks that have to be performed by physicians for their business. Scripp’s tool assists the physician in performing such tasks. 

Rescheduling and follow-up appointments are one of the few tasks which are performed through Scripps which saves a lot of time for physicians. Medical practitioners are at the risk of losing out on business if there are any last-minute cancellations or if they forget to schedule the visit of any patient.


Scripps Affiliated Medical Groups


The Santaluz Club

BitCot has built the perfect website for Santaluz which shows the amenities offered by the club. It is easy to make any bookings on Santaluz’s website and participate in any of the activities. Any new activity or development of the club is updated on the website for view.

To manage all the departments and to monitor the works, Santaluz has opted for the technology with the constant support and up-gradation of the technology, new tools and features are added from time to time.

The Santaluz Club