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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Be Your Town's Crier. Submit videos to tell others why they should move to or visit your town.

About Crierspost?


Have an opinion on why others should or should not move or visit your town or city? Why not share it?

In medieval England and Europe, town criers were used to communicating newsworthy events.

Traditionally dressed in a red and gold jacket with a black tricorne hat, the town crier would ring a handbell and call out to the townspeople “Hear ye! Hear ye!” to get the people’s attention. The town crier would then read an official proclamation and then nail it to the doorpost of a local inn. The
the tradition became known as “posting a notice.”

Crierspost gives you a chance to “post” your message and be your town’s crier!

Post a video telling others about the place you live in 90 seconds or less.

* Take videos straight from the app and/or upload videos from your phone to the app

* Save your favorite videos and share with others

* Search for any city or town and see videos posted by others

* Search by category to see videos posted by others in those categories

* See trending and newly posted videos from all over the country

Funny or serious – you decide, but the more entertaining and/or informative, the better!





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