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Do Not Disturb

We all have people in our lives who say stuff we want to remember - now you can save it! with this easy to use app!

About Do Not Disturb?

1. Classify your contacts into groups for easier management. Create as many groups as you want. Add contact to multiple groups as needed.
2. Create profiles (such as work, home, vacation) to allow/disallow one or more groups. This is like creating multiple Do Not Disturb settings.
3. Activate profiles with one tap anytime and let the app do the rest i.e. silence calls from contacts which are not allowed as per the profile.
4. Or tag profiles to locations. And let the AUTO mode in the app activate or de-activate the profile to silence calls as you enter or exit the location.
5. The app comes with a widget, which lets you manage AUTO mode or activate / de-activate profiles conveniently.






Branding, User Experience, Interface Design, Development


iOS - Download


Native Android and iOS application with build-in SQLite database


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