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Planet Car Mobile App Development

Planet Car

Plantronics 2015 PLT Labs Application Innovation Contest .

About Planet Car?

App is built to help first responders reach the site of an emergency faster. App uses the built-in sensors to raise an alert in the event of a car accident or colli-sion.
PlanetCar uses data gleaned from the headset to detect violent head movement or a vehicle free fall. The app allows 60 seconds for the user to cancel false alarms. If the alert is not canceled, it will send an SOS notification to emergency contacts and first responders.

Planet Car Mobile App Development in Bitcot


Branding, User Experience, Interface Design, Development,




Ruby On Rails

Planet Car Mobile App Development Tab1 in Bitcot


  • During GoMode your activity details, voice recording, and location is saved in our cloud.
  • End Activity

  • Only YOUR passcode can end your GoLog activity.
  • Privacy

  • Your activity details and location are private, and only seen by your contacts after expiration of an activity.
  • GoLog Cloud

  • Your activity details will be sent even if your phone is turned off, damaged or out of coverage area.
  • Duress

  • A simple touch and slide feature allows you to instantly notify your contacts of an emergency situation.
  • Data Protection

  • We do not share, sell or post your information and GoLog is not linked to any social media platforms.
Planet Car Mobile App Development Tab2 in Bitcot
  • Choose your activity, in ‘Lifestyle’ or ‘Recreation’ categories
  • Record ‘Voice Note’ that contains details of your activity.
  • Estimate a time, and touch ‘Go’. - You’re now in GoMode. Enjoy Activity!
  • 'End Activity' by entering passcode (no notifications sent). - Or if predetermined time is reached.
  • Notifications are sent to contacts!
Planet Car Mobile App Development Tab3 in Bitcot
  • Background check automation using Accurate Background
  • Ability to accept or reject a session booking
  • Notifications on sessions
  • View user’s information after accepting the booking request
  • Ability to start and end session
  • Using same with different look and feel for Instructor
  • View History

What They Have To Say

Expanding an Existing Brand

In an ever changing world, Planet Car is a real world communications tool for the safety conscious or anyone who lives their life on the go. Whether its a single activity, or daily use, try it an you’ll soon be telling your friends and family to, “Planet Car it!”.

Planet Car Mobile App Development Icon in Bitcot
Planet Car Mobile App Development

Planet Car

Planet Car promotes independence by allowing its users the ability to do activities alone yet still
have the assurance that Planet Car has your back!

Showcasing iOS Design Language

Planet Car exemplifies the design language Apple introduced starting in iOS 7, with a specific focus on deference and depth. The content helps guide interactions within the app while translucencies and animations shift attention to the most important interface elements.

Planet Car Mobile App Development in Bitcot
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