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Custom Repeating Announcements.

About Recite?

RecitePRO is a portable, simple and effective way to play custom repeating announcements at any event or group function. Communication is key at every event and RecitePRO is the perfect tool to communicate key information before, during and after your next event.
If you find yourself repeating the same information over and over again RecitePRO is for you!
It’s FREE to try using our preloaded messages, so why not experience the ease of use and power of this one of kind app!
RecitePRO has taken the power and functionality of a wired paging system, utilizing digital announcers, to repeat messages and packed those capabilities into your smartphone.
Simply download the RecitePRO, add your favorite Bluetooth speaker, and your ready to add professionalism, efficiency, and a consistent message to any event. Move, inform or instruct the crowd!





Branding, User Experience, Interface Design, Development,




Native iOS Application made in Swift

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    Dave S

    Co-Founder- StompSessions


    I have Known BitCot for 4 years and have been impressed with the diversity and quality of BitCot work. With that solid foundation it was really easy to select BitCot as our development partner.