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You can start SWEATin' today to any of our Spinning® Classes, TRX®, Yoga and Full Body Workouts! It's as easy as 1 2 3!

Cat Kom, fitness guru and gym owner, had always prided herself as a disruptor, someone passionate about fostering a never-before-seen fitness community – one that was inclusive and accepting of different body types, ages, and experience.

So, when she relocated to sunny SoCal from Seattle, one of Cat’s clients back in Seattle asked her to make a DVD of her famous workouts so they could continue to be led by and “with her”.

Then another asked…and another…and another. Luckily not only was Cat a fitness expert, but also had a strong background in IT, so before long, she leaped at the chance to found Studio SWEAT OnDemand, now an online fitness phenomenon with clientele all over the world.

Key Roles
  • Product Strategy
  • User Experience
  • Visual Design
  • iOS Development
  • Cloud-Native Development
  • Web Development

Studio Sweat On Demand


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Studio SWEAT onDemand is more than an innovative way to get fat-torching Spinning (definitely a specialty they’re industry leaders in and where it all began), Strength Training, Yoga, HIIT, and other amazing body-sculpting workouts.

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