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You have been a part of the E-Commerce ecosystem if you have bought or sold anything online. All commercial activities taking place online are hosted on an “eCommerce” platform. This includes all financial activities such as products, services, etc. BitCot has been developing various eCommerce platforms, including designing website sites and maintaining the website for more than 11 years from San Diego. BitCot is the perfect online marketplace solution, with a vast range of options for development.

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eCommerce Web Design and Development Services

BitCot’s services and products render the perfect result for its clients. Retailers, brands, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and many others have been expanding their reach by setting up an eCommerce platform with BitCot’s help. BitCot is assisting and executing the development of the website for all businesses. Your website and business are in safe hands with the professionals at BitCot for the perfect eCommerce solution. BitCot has been offering a vast range of services including SAAS based platforms and enterprise solutions.

E-commerce businesses offers all of the followings features:

1. Modern, Beautiful Mobile Responsive Themes

2. Search by Supplier, Product, or Brand Management

3. Multiple Views/Close-ups

4. Unlimited Categories/Options

5. Intuitive Storefront Editor for Quickly Adapting Themes

6. Customize Using Popular Multiple Languages & Currency Support

7. The Only Platform Offering Local Development Using Live Product Data

8. Built-in, Simultaneous Desktop and Mobile Previews

9. B2B Integration

10. Flexible & customizable SaaS

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Shopify Development

BitCot models and hosts the eCommerce solution on Shopify’s platform for an online store. It supports a SAAS solution and is able to run the website like a shopfront online.



eCommerce solutions on OpenCart help businesses of all sizes to support their business online. It offers great ease of use, opening opportunities to the online marketplace.



BitCot uses WordPress for CMS or Content Management System with different customizations. WordPress platforms offer different structures and operational tools for the functioning of the website. Platforms can be made to operate on WordPress and trying different display tools for links, information, gallery, etc.



PrestaShop offers an open-source basic free platform. Any business can be set up online using PrestaShop. The Platform includes paid premium features, which can be added with the free features and tools.



Magento is popular for the huge variety of free tools offered on the platform, with many unique and innovative features. Magento’s platform is used by many businesses for unique and experimental features.

Big Commerce

Big Commerce

BigCommerce offers convenience in relaying between features and tools. Adding, replacing, removing or simply implementing a different version of tools can be executed on the platform with convenience.

Solutions and advantages of BitCot

eCommerce Applications Are Easy To Use, Manage and Maintain

Why Choose BitCot for eCommerce Website Design?

BitCot has a healthy part of developing websites for businesses with a comprehensive solution. The solution comprises of the current and future needs of the business, considering various factors such as the industry standards. BitCot analyses the business trends and helps businesses to enhance their online presence and reach the number of users. After understanding the needs of the Client and the requirements for running the business, BitCot suggests the most suitable platform for running the eCommerce website. Post-development, the response of the users and performance of the website is analyzed and accordingly changes are made to the website and platform.

eCommerce Web Design

BitCot if offering a long term commitment to the
business with support at each stage.

A systematic procedure is followed for the development of the most suitable online business structure.

Designing Planning

User Experience

From the first visit to the website until the checkout, the layout of the website ensures that any user finds it convenient to browse and find their selection with ease.

User Interaction

UI Design/Development

With different needs of eCommerce platforms, the website is designed and developed keeping in mind the user behavior.

Awesome Results

Awesome Results

All factors are considered to ensure that users are able to navigate through the website. The website is continually improved based on industry standards and new trends.

We Will Help With your eCommerce Web Design & Development Services

As experienced, BitCot offers solutions that tackle current, future and even unforeseeable problems. The setting up and performance of the tools are handled by BitCot, while continually reviewing the system. The designed is worked in accordance with the requirement and functionality of the business.


User Experience Interaction Design


Product Research & Strategy High-fidelity Prototyping


Interface Design Visual Design


Engineering Web & Mobile Development


Coding/QA Testing Development


Emerging Technologies Computer Vision/Facial Recognition