Top 5 iOS libraries every iOS developer should know about

Top 5 iOS libraries every iOS developer should know about

Swift is currently the most popular programming language on Github and really has one of the most active communities that contribute to open source projects.
Open source libraries help a lot with rapid development and can make life dramatically easier for your iOS apps development. Its Hand-picked for efficiency and iOS animation libraries for this month.

1. Alamofire

When you want to abstract away and simplify networking in your app, Alamofire is the way to go. Alamofire is a HTTP networking library, built on top of NSURLSession and the Foundation URL Loading System. It nicely wraps networking mechanisms in an elegant and simple Swift interface.


2. ObjectMapper

If you’ve ever written an app which downloads information via an API, you’ve probably spent a lot of time writing a code to map a response to your objects. ObjectMapper helps you convert a JSON response into your model object, and vice versa. In other words, it helps you map JSON to objects, and objects back to JSON. Nested objects are supported as well

It’s also worth to mention AlamofireObjectMapper, an Alamofire extension which converts JSON response data into Swift objects when using ObjectMapper.


3. Material Motion

Material Motion is a reactive animation library based on Core Animation, that lets you create composable animations.
It is API that allows you to easily chain and compose gestures and animations together to create beautiful interactions. It’s got a bunch of ready-to-use interaction types and a lot of examples in the repository.


Material Motion : iOS animation  Material Motion : iOS animation  Material Motion : iOS animation

4. Bouncy Layout

Did you ever find yourself playing with the bouncy scroll in the Messages app? That’s the kind of a small detail that makes your app fun to use, and it delights your users.

BouncyLayout is a UICollectionViewLayout that brings that bounciness to any collection view, whether it’s a chat app, a grid or a horizontal list!It’s really simple to use, just instantiate a BouncyLayout object, and give the object to a collection view. The collection view will handle the rest.


Bouncy Layout : iOS Animation

5. Spruce

Animations — our favorite things to hate! Remember those lovely headaches from the last implementation of a bad ass animation?

Fortunately, the web is full of animation libraries that can provide some nice prebuilt animations. The only problem is that we don’t always want the exact same animation, and combining your custom animations with prebuilt library animations can be a real pain.


Spruce : iOS




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