How it Works

How it Works

Technologies We Serve:

  • Full Stack Development Full Stack Development
  • Cloud Enablement Cloud Enablement
  • GraphQL GraphQL
  • Database Database
  • Mobile Responsive Mobile Responsive

BitCot builds usable and smooth software which can be used by basic and advanced users. Following the idea and goal of the business, the application is built to meet long term targets of scalability and features. 

  • Integrated Web and Mobile SolutionsFollowing the interactions and needs of the business
  • Integrated Web and Mobile SolutionsBitCot’s team ideates and gathers information on the project
  • Integrated Web and Mobile SolutionsA schedule is decided and maintained for the development of the application
  • Integrated Web and Mobile SolutionsThe final delivery of the Project is made following sufficient tests of the application
  • Integrated Web and Mobile SolutionsMaintenance, and Support Services

Let us explain your business idea and examine how we can use the extensive potential of Full stack to develop an attractive solution. Write to us at

Advantage of Full Stack Web Development

Full-stack development of the application is advisable, to ensure that the entire product is developed by the same team,
ensuring that the product is working in perfect synchronization.


BitCot develops the perfect solution for your business. The software is developed using Javascript and suitable tools for the best UI / UX for the success of your product and your business.

    Ecommerce Applications

    JS frameworks and tools have become a popular choice for apps for viewing and purchasing products online. Integration of chatbots has improves the overall UX.

    Discussion based applications

    For strong apps which supports communication through messaging and long threads which can be viewed by several users.

    IOT Applications

    Connecting numerous devices and making sure that the devices are in sync.

    Collaborative and Sharing Applications

    Platforms on which files and documents can be shared between users. Such platforms also offer storage facilities

    Game Servers

    Servers which is robust and supports high-performance gaming between multiple users

What can we done for you?

Our team is experienced and dedicated to developing the right software tailored to your needs. With expertise in all verticals,
the app developers can create the perfect product for businesses of all sizes.

Healthcare Software

BitCot has been preparing HIPAA compliant apps and ensuring the protection of sensitive information. The requisite software will be developed as per the requirements of the practitioner and customized.

Retail & Ecommerce

BitCot develops Ecommerce websites and applications for users for a fluid experience of browsing and checking out with the desired shopping cart.

Loan Management Software

We develop the perfect software for loan management through a seamless experience for businesses. This software is designed based on the specifications and needs of the business.

Travel & Tourism

The complete travel and tourism solution is developed here, which helps the user in the selection of the destination, planning an itinerary, bookings and ERP systems.

Media & Entertainment

Your entertainment business can be managed, with the designing of applications for video and audio streaming.

Education & E-Learning

Smart learning solutions can be developed for enhanced learning of the study material. The product can be designed based on stream, age, curriculum, etc.

Hire Node.Js for JavaScript Developers

Hire Node.Js for JavaScript Developers

BitCot developers are so informative and diligent team, Go with JavaScript specialists who will push hard to know your business of Node.Js.

  • Integrated Web and Mobile SolutionsNode.js is a run-time environment which allows you to write server-side applications in JavaScript.
  • Integrated Web and Mobile SolutionsNode.js, it’s probable to compose both backend and frontend entirely in JavaScript, using full-stack solutions such as MEAN or MEVN.
  • Integrated Web and Mobile SolutionsThe convenience of using one language for both backend and frontend.
  • Integrated Web and Mobile SolutionsThe growing demand for products best built with Node.js
  • Integrated Web and Mobile SolutionsData-intensive real-time, IoT projects and applications
  • Integrated Web and Mobile SolutionsExtensive Code Reuse, Free & Open-Source Toolset
  • Integrated Web and Mobile SolutionsReduced Development Time, One Language—Better Efficiency with Fewer Resources
  • Integrated Web and Mobile SolutionsGood Scalability, Better Performance, Smaller Teams, Lower Costs
Need custom node js solutions

BitCot team of developers has a high level of expertise with Node.js, React and Angular full-stack developers well versed in developing complex Node.js applications, which entirely matches business requirements.

Integrated Web and Mobile Solutions On ReactJS the code development will be lesser as compared to AngularJS.

Integrated Web and Mobile Solutions Whereas server-side applications are written in NodeJS.

Integrated Web and Mobile Solutions ReactJS has better performance due to the implementation of virtual DOM, while AngularJS experiences issues with DOM elements.

Integrated Web and Mobile Solutions AngularJS tends to become slow with interactive elements. NodeJS is fast and is used for developing fast applications.

Integrated Web and Mobile Solutions ReactJS community has still developed fully as it is relatively newer.

Integrated Web and Mobile Solutions On the other hand, AngularJS has a large community support.

Integrated Web and Mobile Solutions AngularJS builds reusable components and offers visually appealing and attractive templates.

Integrated Web and Mobile Solutions NodeJS is scalable both on vertical and horizontal manners and is highly extensible.

Integrated Web and Mobile Solutions ReactJS emerges as the preferred choice between the three. It has the right combination of library, scalability, performance, and integration.

Integrated Web and Mobile Solutions NodeJS suffers from issues in backward compatibility, and supporting complex programming.

Want to learn more about Full-stack Web Development?

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Why BitCot?

BitCot is a Full Stack developer which has been delivering perfect solutions to their clients. Our software architects and engineers are more than able to deliver high-quality products and suggest the right kind of software for your business. Our team has been working with all innovative and creative tools that are needed for any complex and demanding tech. With our expertise and experience in developing state of the art technology, our team will build the perfect solution for your business, and ensure the proper maintenance of the software. The software will be timely upgraded with the latest tech and available tools.

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Why BitCot?

As visionaries in our stream, We share with you the latest
trends and technology in the simplest way possible.