Is Your WordPress Website Running Slow?

When you encounter problems with your WordPress page speed optimization, your business is negatively impacted.
There is a way that could affect your business, and you may already see this happening:

We Will Speed Up Your Slow Website!

Dropping Traffic

If your website on WordPress isn’t optimized correctly, you may see a decrease in your daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly web traffic rates. This could be because your un-optimized website is dropping in the search engine rankings, meaning visitors aren’t finding your site.

Increasing Bounce Rates

When visitors do find your WordPress site, the slow-loading features and increasing wait time in traffic will cause them to leave quickly and move on to the next site. If you use WordPress speed optimization services, your visitors will stay longer to enjoy your optimized site.

Losing Customers

In e-commerce, if loading a product page or adding a product to their cart takes too long, customers will leave. You may even see current customers leaving your service for your competition because your website just isn’t loading or is loading too slow.

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Why Speed Up Your Important Slow Website?

Decreasing the time it takes to load your site is the #1 thing you can do to dramatically increase other areas of your sales,
marketing, and customer experience. Let's Explore Now!

User Experience

A 1-second improvement in page load times can improve customer satisfaction by 16%. UX is directly affected by page speed!

Search Rankings

Google loves fast sites with a good user experience. So, the faster your site, the better the search rankings.

Lower Bounce

Pages that load within 2 seconds have an average bounce rate of 9%. Ones that take 5 seconds have a bounce rate of 38%!


A 1-second delay can lead to a 7% loss in conversions. Your website’s speed is more important than you think!


79% of buyers say they will not return to a site that made them wait too long. You need a fast website to get visitors and customers to return.

Decrease Cart

The average cart abandonment rate across all industries is about 70%. And slow websites will see far higher rates.

Website Speed Optimization Process:

Want to know how we work our magic behind the scenes to make your WordPress site optimized? We use a variety of strategies and processes after a site performance audit to make informed and intuitive decisions on how to improve your website with our WordPress speed optimization services.

Latest WordPress Version

When we formulate our plan of attack to optimize your WordPress site, one of the first things we do is ensure that you’re using the latest WordPress version.

Use Updated Plugins

When we update your WordPress plugins as part of our WordPress speed optimization services, you can be sure that your plugins will work with your site, not against it.

Faster Caching Plugin

Caching plugins means storing the frequently-used plugins in an easy-to-access cache temporarily. This creates a static version of your site that becomes easy to access.

Support & Maintenance

You can focus on your day-to-day business operations and leave the maintenance to our WordPress speed optimization specialists. Fix Plugin errors and use CDS.

Optimizing Images

Optimizing your WordPress site also means optimizing the images on it as well. Optimized images take less time to load, while still maintaining a high-quality photo.

Delete Old Post Revisions

Having old post revisions backlogged on your site will slow it down. As part of our services, we can identify which post revisions can be removed to help better optimize your site.

Good Hosting

Your WordPress hosting service plays an important role in website performance. A good shared hosting provider takes the extra measures to optimize your website for performance.

Turning Off Trackbacks

Linking between blog posts on other sites and receiving alerts — otherwise known as pingbacks and trackbacks— for those links or comments will slow down your site.

Using Custom CSS Sprites

A CSS sprite is a performance optimization technique that combines multiple images into a single image called a sprite sheet or tile set.

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Frequently Asked Questions

BitCot was set up with the sole purpose of providing website speed and performance optimization services. your website’s design and functionality won’t get affected one bit by what we do. So, irrespective of the issues plaguing your website, we’re confident that we can handle them.
Since Google announced the page speed as a ranking factor, we are helping businesses by providing cost-efficient page speed optimization services, our result-driven website speed optimization service bring down the page load time to ensure that your web property is delivering the information as quickly as possible within your hosting provider capabilities.
We can get your website to load in under 3 seconds, irrespective of how big it is. We respect your deadlines and we can deliver results in 2-3 days or less. Pay 50% advance and the rest after you’re satisfied with our optimization efforts.
Free online tools that allow you to test your website’s speed. However, the faster you can make it, the better it is. A few milliseconds of improvements here and there can add up to shaving off half or even a full second from your load time.
Your slow website is harming your business. We can store all of your website’s data. You sign up for a plan and all your images, content, videos, etc., reside on a server sitting in the host’s data center.

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