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An intelligent approach to sales driving key behaviors that lead to predictable outcomes.

About Excelerra

Export and Import data with the help of Excel, CSV, or PDF files. Filtering reports using criteria based on modules, for example – you can drill down options based on roles, types, categories and so on.

From pie charts to bar graphs, start seeing your everyday sales and activity metrics in the most visually engaging way. Bypass the hassle of analyzing huge volumes of data with a simple visual representation. You shouldn’t have to manually track individual sales parameters, such as the number of sales created per month and the number of sales closed daily.

Analyze every sales activity, and track the numbers at every stage of your sales pipeline. Create funnels for important metrics, and know whenever there is a significant drop or rise in your sales pipeline. Check your conversion rates, and measure the overall efficiency of your sales process.

You can also identify the sales spread over different regions. With Excelerra, monitor and manage your dashboard anytime, from anywhere.




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Export and Import data with the help of Excel, CSV, or PDF files.


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  • Excelerra helps to calculate sales accurately.
  • Ability to track the Customers status and goals.
  • It helps to manage your daily activity.
  • Creates Opportunities to different buyers and customers.
  • Helps you to compare the sales vs goals.
  • Able to track the TurnAround Time for each opportunity.
  • Compares the Revenue of Past years to Current year.
  • Faster Customer Conversion.
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    Perfected Pipeline Management:

  • Accurately project revenue in both short and long term with Excelerra.
  • Stellar Service:

  • Improve retention and operate lean to provide the best customer experience through Excelerra.
  • Real Time Reporting:

  • Smarter sales management in an automated form to keep your sales operation operating quickly and effectively with Excelerra.
  • Constructive Communication:

  • Keep your organization lean and efficient with clear lines of communication facilitated through Excelerra.
  • Targeted Transparency:

  • Take the guesswork out of sales productivity through our intelligent analytics that facilitate KBIs.
  • Impactful Integration:

  • Easily integrate Excelerra into your company's existing software, or replace it completely with Excelerra.
  • Powerful Productivity:

  • Built with the sales professional in mind, Excelerra increases time for the sales driving activities that count.
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  • Measure and manage your organization’s territory-wide sales performance
  • Receive intelligent alerts, task reminders to your email.
  • Sets Privilege to each role.
  • An Effortless way to craft delightful customer experiences.
  • Ability to view preferences according to the user.
  • Assist in creation of long term strategic goals for high data quality.
  • Monitor data quality, data migrations and data integration.

Connectivity to WorldWide

With Excelerra, Customers and Buyers can connect to form a successful sales with goals. Sales Pipeline Management is an important feature which helps to manage the sales of the overall application. Excelerra allows to create multiple companies with multiple customers which is a rarity and maintaining the data for each company which is difficult to handle.

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Email services will help to track each Customers Daily Activities. With the email feature in Excelerra, it helps to renew subscription once the deadline approaches.

Protect Your Sales Investment

Excelerra takes the guesswork out of implementing, managing, and sustaining your sales force. Through an easy to use, affordable software that easily integrates into your company’s existing software, or replaces it completely, Excelerra customizes for you without the high costs associated with customizing a CRM.

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