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Practice daily exercises for improved focus and stress reduction

The mBrace App is your guide to staying focused, handling stress, and improving communication.

About mBrace

You will select from specific goals, such as Dealing with Stress or Getting Organized, and complete 30-second clinically chosen exercises to help achieve those goals. Over time and with consistent practice, mBrace can help you develop your mind-muscle to improve decision-making and problem-solving processes that are right for you.

mBrace can also help get you out of your own head at the moment. If you are having trouble focusing, staying calm, communicating, fidgeting, or feeling frustrated, you can use the app to help interrupt your thinking and help get focused in about 30 seconds.

Often people feel like they can’t slow down long enough to make sound decisions. This might apply to you if you’ve ever said, “My head is spinning,” or “I can’t think straight,” or “I can’t get out of my head.” The good news is that people who feel this way are often highly intelligent and capable —the trick is getting control of your constantly-thinking mind long enough to focus on what is truly important.



mBrace Cover App in Bitcot

Pause. Center. Go.


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Ruby on Rails, Branch.io, Mixpanel (Analytics tool), PostgreSQL, AWS, Background Check Integration.

mBrace For Learner in Bitcot
  • Performing Exercise according to the moods and needs of the user
  • Ability to associate with the personal concerns
  • Ability to like or dislike any of the exercise
  • Manage to save any of the exercise and view it for later
  • Ability to add user's personalization
  • Price management
  • Ability to add personal mood of the user using some real time emoticons
  • Data to view the before and after use of the application date wise
mBrace For In the app in Bitcot
  • An Exercise of the Day for when you need something to center you or focus in about 30 seconds
  • A goal-setting section to choose from focused areas such as Dealing with Stress, Staying Focused, Getting Organized, and more...
  • 30-second exercises that have been carefully chosen by our clinical team to guide you to meet those goals
  • Your Progress tracker lets you see where you are and where you’ve been in your effortsmBrace is intended to be fun, interesting and thought-provoking.
mBrace Admin Panel in Bitcot
  • Ability to add data according to the user needs
  • Ability to view the preference of the user
  • Managing the users through admin panel
  • Ability to view the analytic of each exercises
  • Managing the count of the data that needs to be viewed in admin
  • Easy way to append or detach data from admin.

Get out of your head now

Head’s spinning? Lost in thoughts? Frustrated? You’re not alone and the exercises in the mBrace app can help.

Did you know?
People who feel this way are often highly intelligent and capable— the trick is getting control of your constantly-thinking mind. mBrace can help you learn to do just that.We’ve got you!

mBrace Pause in Bitcot

How mBrace Works

Choose an area in which you want to improve Therapist-selected exercises are presented Feel more centered now while building lifelong skills

Practice daily exercises for improved focus and stress reduction

Dozens of 30-second exercises on everything from concentration to getting organized.
“Exercise of the Day” to chill your whirling mind to deal with stress to improve relationships.

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