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PromoTracks : Promotion and Event Tracking Application

Promotion and Event Tracking Application.

About PromoTracks?

We process your teams hourly pay and any expense reimbursement.
Direct deposits are processed through a secured payroll system with a major US bank.
We designed a very fast user friendly system to capture your core data at the conclusion of your events. Mobile optimized for Apple and Android, your promo team leader can quickly input information into data fields to track many elements for reporting.








Branding, User Experience, Interface Design, Development,


iOS - Download
Android - Download
Web - PromoTracks


Ruby On Rails

  • Check-in to the Event
  • Enter the details into the app
  • Install the Promo Tracks app
  • Once the event is assigned to the user, it will displayed in the app
  • User can login to the app only one hour before the event starts, by using Token
  • By tapping on check-in, user can check-in to the app
  • Once checked-in, timer will starts.
  • User can have two options such as Event Recap On/Off
  • If it is on state, user should enter their Total Attendance,Number Sampled, Total Expenses, Event
  • Notes, Upload Pictures etc.
  • Else user should enter their Total Expenses for the Event.
  • Also we have, Recommended Hosting Event again option
  • By tapping on Checkout button, user can Check-out from that event
  • Fast and easy entry of event information
  • Event dates and durations
  • User can easily upload Event photos
  • Track follow up work
  • Capture event cost information
  • Easily record components, conditions and actions for later analysis
  • Comprehensive audit trail of events and follow up actions
  • All event information is immediately accessible upon entry
  • Eliminate paper-based logs
  • Record history without opening a work order
  • Quick and easy event management

Expanding an Existing Brand

In an ever changing world, PromoTracks is a real world communications tool for the safety conscious or anyone who lives their life on the go. Whether its a single activity, or daily use, try it an you’ll soon be telling your friends and family to, “PromoTracks it!”.



Worried about Event Tracking System? Use PromoTracks

Showcasing iOS Design Language

PromoTracks exemplifies the design language Apple introduced starting in iOS 7, with a specific focus on deference and depth. The content helps guide interactions within the app while translucencies and animations shift attention to the most important interface elements.


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