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Explore and Learn with Locals

Stomp Sessions connects you with local experts and pros to explore more and get better faster to have more fun in the sports you love.

Expanding an Existing Brand

Stomp Sessions connects you with local action sports experts and pros, to explore more and get better faster. Get one-on-one skill training, local guiding or ride with one of our elite pros starting in skiing and snowboarding and adding skateboarding, SUP and more sports this summer. Instructors are available on-demand or you can book an instructor for a future date and time.

Stomp Session

Connecting action sports enthusiasts with local expert instructors.

Showcasing iOS Design Language

Stomp Session exemplifies the design language Apple introduced starting in iOS 7, with a specific focus on deference and depth. The content helps guide interactions within the app while translucencies and animations shift attention to the most important interface elements.