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As a leading tech development company, we have the capability to develop Progressive Web Applications.
Our focus is on building technology to meet all of your business’s goals while maintaining industry standards.

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Progressive Web App Development Services

PWAs are structured to provide efficient and reliable performance. Web or mobile, performance is fast on all devices. PWAs are also a great choice for a variety of businesses that need fast, dependable, and secure apps.

Responsive PWA Design

PWA Responsive Design

Provide optimum experiences on all browsers across computers, mobile phones, or tablets.

Responsive PWA Design

Custom PWA Development

Deliver fast and consistent performance.

Responsive PWA Design

Application Migration to PWA

Migrate your apps & websites to PWAs to take advantage of the power of progressive web apps.

Responsive PWA Design

End-to-End PWA Development

Continued support during and after development.

Progressive Web App Features

At BitCot, we develop high-performance PWAs that take advantage of features like push notifications, offline
performance, analytics, and other functions that lead to better customer experiences.

Engaging Engaging


With features such as full-screen and offline versions, PWAs keep users engaged and coming back to your app.

Engaging Engaging


PWAs take advantage of caching which means that when customers come back to your site, it loads up fast — even with a weak network connection.

Engaging Engaging


PWAs use URLs allowing users to easily share your PWAs just like they would share a website.

Engaging Engaging


With cached data stored on the device, PWAs can be accessed offline.

Engaging Engaging


PWAs function just like native apps with features like push notifications and more.

Engaging Engaging


With PWAs, you don’t need to juggle mobile builds and web builds, all devices share the same code base.

Migrating An
Existing Site A To PWA

PWAs provide advantages of native apps and the web, and they provide fast user response even on slow or hindered networks. With stability and the advantages of native apps, migrating existing websites to PWAs brings a better experience to your users.

Examples Of Progressive
Web Apps

Top-tech companies are already using
PWAs. Companies like:

  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Dailymotion
  • Forbes
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Why Are Progressive Web Apps The Future of The Mobile Web?

PWAs are the future and will quickly become the standard. With the stability and features of progressive web apps, all mobile browsing in the near future will be done through PWAs.

PWAs provide a wide range of features including fast loading (using cached data) which is extremely useful in weak network regions. PWAs can be visited quickly by saving a shortcut on the home screen of the mobile device so users don’t need to go on the Google Play Store or the App Store to access your PWA.

Why Should You Use Progressive Web Apps?

Elements of Progressive Web App

PWAs are fast, high-performance apps that provide an excellent user experience meaning customers will spend more time with your app & your business.

Why Choose BitCot For Your Progressive Web Application Development Needs?
1 BitCot provides end-to-end development with complete support from the development stage to post-launch.
2 BitCot develops PWAs for businesses of all shapes and sizes. No matter what your business is, we have a solution that will fit your needs.
3 BitCot’s experienced and credible team has developed and launched performance packed PWAs as well as provided other tech-support.