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IoT Mobile App   Development Company San Diego

  • IoT Devices sharing info without human interaction
  • IoT Devices Vehicles, smartphones, wearables
  • BitCot’s IoT Experts Maximize your tech potential

BitCot’s IoT development team is highly experienced and can maximize the IoT potential of your technological environment.

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IoT Mobile App Development Company San Diego

Which Industries Can Benefit Most from IoT Solutions?

Transportation and Logistics

IoT sensor data can inform transportation and logistics teams the relevant weather conditions, vehicle availability, and driver availability to guide the necessary cars, trucks, ships, trains, etc.

Public Sector

The public sector can collect outage data and deploy the right resources to help utilities recover with IoT sensors in place.

Energy & Utilities

Optimize energy consumption in houses, buildings, and industrial facilities by using real-time insights provided by the Internet of Things technology to manage energy distribution.

Worker Safety

IoT is great not just for tracking physical assets, but also for improving worker safety. Employees in hazardous environments stand a lot to gain from IoT sensors and systems.


Doctors, nurses, and orderlies can use IoT asset monitoring to know the exact location of patient-assistance assets such as wheelchairs.


Use custom IoT to keep up with changing market demands and deliver personalized customer service by connecting banking tools with smart wearable devices.


Gain a competitive advantage by using sensors to detect impending failures; IoT-based production-line monitoring will enable you to proactively maintain your equipment.


IoT solutions can help retailers track customer preferences and interests.

Real Estate

Improve habitability, while creating more energy-efficient spaces with comprehensive IoT solutions.


Improve your customer’s in-the-car experience with an IoT system that acquires data from vehicle technology and surrounding sensors.

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Steps of The IoT Software Development Process

Internet of Things technology continues to add value to businesses and individuals alike.BitCot’s team of IoT software developers follow an agile approach and maintain communication with clients to ensure optimal innovation. Here are the steps we’ll follow as we develop your IoT solution
Gather Project Requirements

Firstly, the team will collaboratively discuss and document all project requirements with you.

Run IoT Accelerator

Next, we’ll use our IoT accelerator as a starting point to manage device connectivity based on predefined scenarios.

Study IoT Analytics

After studying real-time data using our extensive AI skillset, we’ll generate actionable insights and credible predictions.

Begin Agile Development

Now, we’re poised to kickstart your project’s development, bringing your vision to life seamlessly.

Create Project Plan

Efficient and Quality-Driven Project Development: Our team divides tasks across sprints to ensure optimal results and satisfaction.

Develop Wireframes & Prototypes

We will develops wireframes and prototypes which will be sent to you for personalized feedback.

Test & Release

Once development is complete, our QA team runs thorough tests and other system checks to ensure the project is ready for your use.


What Makes   IoT Solutions  Possible?


Cloud Computing Platforms

Cloud computing platforms have enabled businesses and consumers to easily access and scale the infrastructure they need to store.

Data Analytics

Data analytics will allow you to better understand your target metrics and thus customize your IoT system as you see fit.

New Business Models

IoT devices are now not just technologically practical; businesses can include IoT in their operations as a means of improving their business strategy.

Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Specifically advances in neural networks, have brought about natural-language processing to IoT devices; this has made digital personal assistants (Alexa, Cortana, Siri, etc.)

Network Connectivity

A host of network protocols have made it easy for sensors to connect to one another as well as to the cloud for efficient data transfer.


Advances in cybersecurity make IoT safe for consumer use. Optimal data encryption and modern authentication technology will prevent 3rd party malicious software hacks.

Why Choose BitCot as IoT development solution?

An Internet of Technology environment is not something you can get as an off-the-shelf-solution. You’ll need specialized expertise when developing your IoT solution. BitCot can do that for you, while also reducing your costs and improving your efficiency.In addition to developing your IoT solution, we offer the following services

Seamless Integrationwith 3rd Party APIs

Our solutions will be able to integrate easily with 3rd party APIs.

Device Management

You won’t have to worry about any stability issues as we will ensure the stable management of all devices involved.

Edge Analytics

Draw insights on your IoT environment from our verticalized, innovative, real-time edge analytics.

Compliance Management

BitCot can help you manage compliance across multiple standards easily.

Technical Support

BitCot’s support team will provide prompt answers to any of your questions or concerns.

Security and Safety

We especially prioritize data encryption for our IoT solutions to ensure the security and safety of your information.

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