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The resident app is designed to allow residents to log in and book parking permits for their own vehicles. The app also provided an option for residents to purchase instant permits when they have guests visiting. The backend system manages several types of customizable permits, which were available on the frontend app for residents to book from. The resident app is designed to be user-friendly, allowing residents to quickly and easily book parking permits.


The enforcement app was designed to allow enforcement authorities to conduct inspections at the parking location and confirm if only vehicles with active permits were parked. The app also allows the authorities to create records for vehicles that violate the parking regulations to be towed away. The enforcement app was designed to be simple to use and streamlined, allowing authorities to quickly and easily confirm parking permits and take enforcement actions.

The two applications are seamlessly integrated, allowing for real-time communication between the resident and enforcement applications. This ensures that the enforcement authorities could easily access information about the residents’ parking permits and take enforcement actions quickly and efficiently.

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Create & manage residential parking permits for own vehicles.

Purchase parking permits for guests based on their duration of stay.

Reserve amenities available in the property via the app.

Report parking violators who are parked in fire lanes or your own parking spot.

Have visibility on vehicles’ logs to the ticket/fine violators.

Access a list of users who are red-flagged.

Create entries for activities happening in the properties’ parking lot during the inspection.

Option to use the app in offline mode and sync data once the network is available.


Both the resident and enforcement apps are integrated with shared data access and updates. The permits created through the resident app are visible to authorities through the enforcement app. A seamless user experience is crucial for both app users as even minor bugs could cause issues for both user bases.



  • The apps are built on older technologies that aren’t supported. The goal is to move from older technologies to newer industry standards while still retaining support for the existing user base and slowly transitioning out to the latest technologies.


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