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with Low Code

Our Low-Code Development Solutions

lcd solution power platform

Power Platform

  • Create custom apps with ease using Power Platform.
  • Automate workflows and integrate with other services.
  • Enable data-driven decisions with Power BI analytics.
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  • Design and deploy web apps without coding expertise.
  • Leverage a visual interface to build fully functional sites.
  • Integrate APIs and third-party services seamlessly.


  • Organize and manage data efficiently with Airtable.
  • Customize workflows and collaborate in real time.
  • Connect with other apps to enhance functionality.


  • Automate repetitive tasks by connecting favorite apps.
  • Set up workflows that trigger actions across platforms.
  • Streamline operations without writing any code.


  • Create complex automation workflows with Make.
  • Connect various apps and services to automate processes.
  • Monitor and manage workflows with real-time analytics.

  • Plan, track, and manage projects with a flexible platform.
  • Customize boards to fit your workflow and collaborate.
  • Integrate with tools to keep all your work in one place.

Automate Key Processes for Operational Efficiency


Automate, Integrate, and Optimize Your Business Effortlessly

Acquire transformative power, features, and security – everything needed to automate your most important processes at scale.

We enhance your data quality, ensuring your teams have access to accurate data precisely when and where they need it.

With AI tools, prebuilt integrations, and intuitive design, we empower everyone to boost efficiency and growth with minimal effort.

Accomplish More, Work Less

Dream up what to automate, we’ll handle it!

Accelerated Development


Build complete solutions and get back endless hours of time.

Turbocharged Agility


Make quick adjustments and iterations to ensure responsiveness.

Enhanced Collaboration


Your entire team can now be a part of your automation efforts.

Minimized Costs


Cut costs by reducing the need for specialized developers.

Our Low-Code Development Services

Empowering your digital transformation with efficient and comprehensive low-code solutions.

Custom Application Development Services

We develop custom low-code apps tailored to your business needs.

Rapid Prototyping Services

We provide rapid prototyping services using low-code platforms.

System Integration Services

We seamlessly connect your low-code apps with existing systems.

Training and Support Services

We deliver training & support to help your team use low-code tools.

Automated Workflow Design Services

We design and implement automated workflows using low-code.

Maintenance and Optimization Services

We provide ongoing maintenance and optimization for your apps.

Power Automate for RPA and Automation Success

Effective Planning Processes

The Power Platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools to support early planning efforts. It enhances processes and identify business opportunities using task and process mining. Leverage these capabilities to gain valuable insights and drive strategic decision-making.


Rapid Application Prototyping

Power Automate, coupled with Copilot, accelerates app development by automating the creation of database structures and sample data. This allows developers to prototype applications quickly without extensive coding, facilitating faster time-to-market for new solutions.


Efficient Workflow Automation

Utilize AI along with digital and robotic process automation to automate across limitless systems, desktop apps, and websites. Copilot assists in setting up automated processes like data entry, notifications, and approvals, reducing manual effort and operational costs.


Enhanced Collaboration

Power Automate integrates smoothly with Microsoft and 3rd party applications, enhancing collaboration and data flow across systems. Copilot simplifies API integrations, enabling developers to connect applications and services effortlessly within low-code environments.


Scalability and Flexibility

Efficiently scale automation throughout your organization with integrated security, governance, and comprehensive 360-degree monitoring. Power Automate’s low-code capabilities make it scalable and adaptable, allowing easy modification and extension of automated workflows.


Process Boost and Connectivity

Drive digital progression with apps, websites, copilots, and additional tools equipped with automation capabilities. Power Automate extends automation to desktop apps, enabling seamless integration to support complex business workflows with minimal development effort.


Build and Automate Anything You Can Imagine

Whether you’re starting your first no-code project or transitioning to custom development, you can do it all with Bitcot. We bring the right experts to your team who specialize in a wide range of prebuilt connectors, integrations, and complete integration apps. With these resources, we empower you to swiftly implement common integrations and automations, reducing deployment time and costs.

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Powerful Automation

Automate a simple task or build an entire automated system.

Explore Solutions
Seamless Integration

Collaborate effectively across teams, tools, and processes.

Boost Efficiency
Innovation Focus

Focus more on innovation and less on maintenance.

Innovate with Bitcot

Expertise in Every Aspect

For nearly a decade, Bitcot has maintained a prominent position in the automation and integration software industry. With numerous clients across the US, companies choose Bitcot to develop systems that automate entire business processes across their teams and departments. We optimize their operations by integrating applications, databases, and APIs to foster interconnected business workflows.

Start a Workflow as Fast as You Can Visualize

  • Build Powerful Products
  • Enable Full-Stack Functionality
  • Create End-To-End Workflows
  • Confidently Scale Automation