AWS – Your Total Cloud Computing Solution

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services, a subsidiary of Amazon. AWS provides cloud computing technologies to help individual programmers,
government officials and larger corporations on a paid subscription basis.

ic_lambda AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is a serverless, event-driven computing platform that is provided by Amazon as a part of their web services.

ic_api_gateway Amazon API Gateway

The Amazon API gateway helps developers deliver scalable and secure mobile & web apps back end, allowing them to connect their apps.

ic_cloudfront AWS S3

Amazon Simple Storage Service or, Amazon S3, provides cloud-based storage for developers to store and retrieve any amount of data at any time.

ic_dynamodb AWS DynamoDB

It is a proprietary NoSQL database service that enables program developers to create a database table that store and retrieve data while serving all levels of request traffic.

ic_cognito AWS Cognito

Amazon Cognito lets developers easily add user sign up and authentication to any mobile or web application. Integrate your own identity provider.

ic_route53 Amazon Route 53

It is a cloud domain name system web service that is designed to give programmers a reliable & cost-effective way to route end users to internet apps.

AWS Cloud Services By BitCot

Amazon Web Services is the largest cloud computing platform on the internet. It helps one start a project while making sure they are using the correct set of tools that will work to ensure they can complete their goal. BitCot’s team has been well equipped to offer the most comprehensive and customized AWS deployment services that exist today.

Cloud Architecture And Designing

We perform a complete portfolio assessment and TCO analysis and discuss with you all your needs and requirements so that we can develop a cloud infrastructure that would cater to those needs.

Devops And Deployment

Once the cloud architecture is ready as per AWS well architected framework, we move on to its development and deployment so that you can start leveraging the power of the AWS cloud.

On Demand

On-demand applications always have a better scope in the app market. We can develop such on-demand apps for you as well. We’ve developed On-demand app like Jiffy, etc for our esteemed client.

24/7 Support And Maintenance

Once you have your cloud infrastructure deployed and installed operational on your AWS cloud, we continuously offer our 24/7 support so that your business critical computing resources your end revenue and customer satisfaction.

Security Audit And Cost Optimization

We help you optimize your cloud environment with continuous evaluation to prevent any drift that can cause any security gaps or increased costs. With proper targeted optimization, you can greatly reduce cloud costs and boost ROI.

Cloud Migration Services

Lift and shift your legacy applications, database, websites, and mobile backends to high-end cloud infrastructures suitable for your needs and meeting your business requirements.


AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM)

User can build a serverless app using AWS Lambda or combining it with several other AWS services. Each of Amazons AMS services is fully managed and do not require users to provision or manage servers. All developers must do is configure these AWS services together and upload the applications code to AWS Lambda, a serverless computing service that provides programmers with a faster time to time market.


Next Step Cloud Adoption

Many companies do not really know how to navigate the potentially confusing and complex landscape of AWS. They make the decision to migrate their instances but fail to re-evaluate their strategies or refine their goals for leveraging the AWS environment - which can leave a lot of potential room for improvement on the table. In order to highlight opportunities for growth, our team regularly conducts assessments that identify what is really working or not, where optimization opportunities lay and how businesses can better benefit from AWS tools and functionality. We call this Next Step Cloud Adoption, a service intended to streamline improvement efforts using the power of the cloud.


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Realize The Full Potential Of Cloud & Serverless With BitCot

There are few things we are so passionate about as cloud computing & Serverless Architecture. We have mastered developing serverless solutions for both business systems and pure web applications. We don't just cap off there, though: we've also done IoT solutions, big data analysis and Machine Learning among many other things.


Can you run entire applications without a server? Yes, you can and we think you should do it as much as possible! It is extremely cost-effective and operationally more efficient. We can do this in our sleep!

Database and Data Analysis

Whether it's moving individual databases to the cloud, creating completely new solutions or analyzing large - or small - amounts of data, we have the experience and the people to handle it. We love data!

Cloud Security

Security is an extremely important part of successful cloud deployment and nothing to take lightly. With our solid experience, we can help you review and secure both new and old sets.

IoT - Internet of Things

IoT is the new black, or purple. Everything must be connected and we agree. Collecting data or communicating between devices is every day for us. Let's take care of it while you do what you do best.

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