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I have Known BitCot for 4 years and have been impressed with the diversity and quality of BitCot’s work. With that solid foundation it was really easy to select BitCot as our development partner. BitCot has both the experience and collaborative approach to take ideas and create incredible cross-platform apps. We literally went from idea/mockups to taking revenue in 3 months. The speed and quality BitCot provided was essential in helping Stomp Sessions acquire customers, raise funds and establish partnerships. Their communication and use of collaboration tools has made development smooth. I would highly recommend BitCot to anyone building a cross platform mobile/web apps for startups or established businesses.
Dave Sick Co-Founder- StompSessions
Bitcot has earned an exalted place in app development history by achieving the rare trifecta of delivering a high quality app on time, within budget, and according to spec. And the CEO Raj Sanghvi made it all a pleasant experience. I highly recommend Bitcot for software development.


Michael McCafferty CEO + founder at DoubleM Systems
When I had my idea for my app I knew I had to find a developer. I had no idea it would be so difficult! It was a frustrating process until I talked to Bitcot. I had talked to at least 6 different companies and individuals who treated me like I was a bother more than a potential client. Bitcot has been wonderful! All of my work has been completed when promised and everything has been well explained along the way. I have an app that people love and I can see it developing into something really awesome. I can't say enough positive things about Raj and his team at Bitcot. They are professional, hard working and a pleasure to work with!
Brianne Founder, Save it! app
Working with Bitcot has been truly a blessing. Working with Bitcot has been spectacular in every way possible. From idea to creation and the entire evolvement process in between, the experience & results were fantastic. Bitcot ensures optimum care and enthusiasm for all of its projects that it takes on. My mobile application was all that I was hoping for and I am so thankful I found Bitcot to help me out. There are thousands upon thousands of software and mobile app companies on the market but I can assure you that Bitcot is among the top 1%. You can count on Bitcot!
Ethan West CEO, MXO.co
The Bitcot team's economical development efforts on a technically advanced web platform using AWS, Ruby on Rails and MongoDB have been key to assist us in our product launch. Creating an application that is delivered over the web always has many challenges in coordinating requirements, insuring availability while being scalable, and assuring quality. I appreciated their flexibility to work toward our design goals as we created a new web based approach for creating and maintaining aging-in-place villages.
Brad Phillips CIO, 40 years of IT Leadership experience
The team at Bitcot did an impressive job developing Belle Seek site in an aggressive time frame and within budget—the team worked tirelessly to get it done on time and are skilled problem solvers. We provided intricate design templates and I was happy to see that they were able to bring them to life beautifully. I found Bitcot's team very responsive and readily available to address critical issues or answer questions, something that is very important when it comes to launching a website.
Sandy CEO + Founder
Working with Bitcot was an exceptional experience. We had an aggressive timeline to launch the NimbusCard app, six months to be exact. Our in-house team took care of the wireframing, design and user experience while Bitcot's team handled the code base programming. It's tough to find a development firm that can handle complex programming while adhering to an aggressive timeline. And Bitcot exceeded our expectations. We will continue to use their services for future enhancements.
David Bareno Founder of NimbusCard
I have been working with Bitcot for the past 6 months to build a web app from scratch that had previously taking a few years to accomplish on a previous platform. They have been a true partner during this process, helping architect a responsive scalable full featured SaaS app that both functions and looks great. What stands out most for me is the amount of time Bitcot invested in making sure I am happy with the result. Thanks Bitcot!
Mike Couture Founder SmartLegal
Team at Bitcot really impressed us by building an Android app to our exact specifications on an aggressive timeline. It’s a pleasure working with this detail oriented, reliable team. 10/10, would collaborate with again.
John C Production Manager
Bitcot’s approach is unique, when they see a need for a technology solution to a problem, they build it. They worked closely with us on a solution with responsive design that works on all platforms. They helped us in developing a user interface that is suitable for our customer’s unique requirements. We are a tech startup and we were doing 2-4 releases every month. Bitcot was flexible and adjusted their work based on our needs, requirements and priorities.
Yasmin Shah CEO, MySeenager.com
Bitcot has provided me with an affordable and streamlined solution to launch my mobile application. They have developed a unique and viable app that has paved the way for Trendzy's future. The Bitcot team has surpassed my expectations from day one!
Sean Rimokh CEO, Trendzy
BitCot has become a tremendous resource for me and source of knowledge when it comes to mobile development, software tools in general and technology strategy. In this day and age of "technology experts", BitCot is the real deal and has the track record to prove it. Mobile app development project for us was well architected, crisp in performance and delivered on time. BitCot is aggressive at communicating and works to ensure that both teams stay on track. What I've learned to appreciate the most is that, as the CEO, with any idea or project that I discuss with Raj, he always provides me with thought-provoking examples, ideas or technology recommendations that prove very useful. He is always ready to lend a hand to help a fellow start-up and I consider him a true friend.
Debra DomeyerClick CEO at Oversee.net
I've been designing mobile apps and services for many years - for companies ranging from emerging start-ups to Fortune 100's. BitCot have been excellent development partners for Stomp Sessions. BitCot's rapid development approach works in concert with our highly iterative process.
Robert Suarez Co-Founder- StompSessions
Raj and his team at Bitcot did a terrific job of website coding for us. Not only did they match the design exactly, but they were fast, responsive, and very easy to communicate with. We'll definitely work together again.
Michael Carroff President Caroff Communications
Bitcot helped us to design an app and working with them was a very positive experience. We would recommend them!
Melinda Eitzen CEO Smart Legal Practice
We’ve been very pleased with the apps that Bitcot has developed. Historically, we’ve kept all development in-house, but on a whim we decided to give Bitcot a chance. The first few apps the developed were very solid. Production time was fast and the final apps are very stable. We’ve now decided to expand the line of apps that we’ll have them build for us.
Michel Kripalani CEO, Ocean House Media
Bitcot was able to complete our app, on deadline, what two previous companies were unable to accomplish for 1 year. They were the prefect balance of professionalism, diligence and pricing. But most important, they were able to deliver a solid product - one we can be proud of.
Adam Haines Chief Marketing Officer, Golog
Working with Bitcot has been an amazing experience. I thoroughly appreciate the thoughtful, fully engaged, and the above and beyond work/awareness that Raj and team brings to the table. Not only do I feel fully taken care of, but there is a strong foundation of integrity with Raj and Bitcot. Their work has been exceptional, timely, and collaborative. I look to have a very long lasting business relationship with Bitcot and highly recommend them for app development and much, much more. Thank you for all of the wonderful work!
Jennifer Mckay Director of Product Design, Oversee.net
At Interface.com I hired Bitcot to build a static site deployed on a CMS in AWS. Before even coming up with a proposal he surprised us at Interface by building a prototype of the site with most of the functionality and pages. That passion and dedication truly amazed us. He doesnt come with a proposal of what he will do. Raj and team built the basic framework of the site and then spoke business. He is a very smart and dedicated IT professional with a niche on al web technologies. I truly enjoyed working with Bitcot on this project.
Krish karthik Architect at Interface
We partnered with Bitcot to leverage their market leading expertise in mobile app development. This collaborative partnership resulted in one of the more user friendly apps we have seen out there.
Anthony jaccarino CEO of Jeeva Healthcare
Bitcots software team has delivered an agile software solution. They met and exceeded our software solution requirements. They worked in close collaboration with us to understand complex requirements, and, were able to hit every detail and deliver a great solution. Bitcot also understood what we were really trying to do and delivered additional utilities upon noting that those may enable us to hit our goals. Trendzy laboratories highly recommends hiring Bitcot and will certainly be working with them in the future.
Rahul Chopra CTO, Trendzy
Bitcot was able to quickly get our site from concept to completion on an accelerated timeframe. They were able to quickly take our high-level requirements and translate them into an excellent user experience and high quality application.
Drew Martin Fortune 100 CIO at Sony and Pepsico
Please take a good long look at Raj and his team at Bitcot. Our company went through tens of thousands of dollars, months of lost time, and valuable development momentum (with other companies) before meeting and hiring Bitcot… Bitcot completed our app in the time-line promised and with the professionalism and expertise we rarely saw dealing with other companies… It was absolutely the right decision and we will continue to use Bitcot for all updates and additional Android versions
Kevin Jones Co-Founder GoLog
I honestly could not be any happier with the work whole BitCot team did for Springcast. The product management, communication and process are hands down the best I've ever experienced. The end product exceeded expectations and were done in record time. And I was amazed at how the code was still clean, original and concise. There is no doubt that I'll continue to use BitCot. These guys are rock stars.
Barry Smith The Big Thinker, Inc.

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Dave S

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I have Known BitCot for 4 years and have been impressed with the diversity and quality of BitCot’s work. With that solid foundation it was really easy to select BitCot as our development partner. Quote

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