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TheSkinny Confidential - by: LaurynEvarts Bosstick


“I'm Lauren Everett, the spastic of The Skinny Confidential, which encompasses a blog, a brand, a podcast, and now a product line. I am thrilled to share my incredible experience with Bitcot, a software development company. Unlike my previous encounters with other developers who struggled to grasp my aesthetic vision and faced backend issues, Bitcot provided a seamless journey. They not only ensured that everything was aesthetically pleasing but also diligently worked on the backend to guarantee smooth functionality. Bitcot paid attention to the smallest details, collaborating with me on font choices, colors, and user experience, resulting in a consumer-friendly interface. Unlike other lengthy projects that drained time and money, Bitcot delivered efficiency and a remarkable timeframe. Their effectiveness and efficiency on both the front and back ends were outstanding. It's essential to find a software development company like Bitcot that understands the importance of meeting deadlines while being accessible and easy to work with.”

Lauren EverettFounder, Skinny Confidential

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