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AWS Cloud Computing Services

  • Comprehensive services from infrastructure setup to deployment.
  • Smooth migration and optimization of your cloud environment.
  • Rely on certified professionals throughout your cloud journey.

Our goal is to help you drive agility and growth through a reliable and scalable AWS solution.

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Benefits of using AWS Cloud Computing


Enables organizations to use the programming models, operating systems, databases, and architectures with which they are already familiar. In addition, this flexibility helps organizations mix and match architectures in order to serve their diverse business needs

24/7 Support

We’re committed to your complete satisfaction. With more than 5 years of experience in the industry, our FREE, 24/7 Tech Support is a trusted resource for customers just like you. Rely on us for support before, during, or after the sale.


In order to provide end-to-end security and end-to-end privacy,we build services in accordance with security best practices, provides the appropriate security features in those services, and documents how to use those features.

Cost Effective

Organizations pay only for what they use, without up-front or long-term commitments.

Scalable and Elastic

Organizations can quickly add and subtract resources to their applications in order to meet customer demand and manage costs.


Organizations can leverage Bitcot’s experienced team delivering many projects for more than 3 years.


What is AWS Cloud Computing?

Elevate your backend architecture by transitioning to cloud computing for enhanced agility and cost-efficiency. BitCot specializes in transforming systems, building modern backend solutions, and managing your cloud platform. Benefit from seamless provisioning of services like servers, storage, and databases, streamlining your operations and reducing data center expenses. Explore Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) options, while taking advantage of pre-built products for faster development. Embrace the breadth of cloud services, including AI, analytics, and more, to power exceptional customer experiences.

Learn More About AWS Cloud Computing

Explore the power of AWS cloud computing and similar platforms like Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud to build scalable applications with micro-services and deployment containers. Say goodbye to traditional IT tasks and embrace DevOps expertise in the cloud. Access a vast array of existing products and services on your chosen platform, from Content Delivery to Artificial Intelligence, all through convenient APIs. With pay-as-you-go pricing, you only pay for what you use, while seamless scaling ensures your application meets demand effortlessly.
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BitCot has been using cloud platforms since our inception. We have no datacenter, no internal infrastructure (other than a lot of access points) and even all of our business software is SaaS-based. We have created hundreds of solutions for our clients across all 3 of the major platforms, and on each platform, we integrate the right products for the solutions you need. From Amazon Lambda to Azure Web and Worker Roles, to Google App Engine, we have been there.

Let us help you modernize your business through cloud transformation. The strategic value we bring can give you the flexibility and efficiencies you need to maintain a competitive edge in your industry.

Experience the Power of AWS Cloud

Experience unparalleled scalability, reliability, and flexibility with AWS. From storage and computing to machine learning and IoT, our AWS services offer a comprehensive suite of cloud solutions tailored to your business needs.

AWS Cloud