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Unify your identity strategy for granting access to maximize security, visibility, and control.

  • Implement meaningful changes to your enterprise’s identity fabric.
  • Strengthen your cybersecurity posture with unified identity security.
  • Customize access control policies and authentication methods.

Let’s create a solid action plan to ensure top-level security for your employees and customers.

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Optimize Operations with IAM

Gain Control With an Impactful IAM Solution

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Secure Your Organization

Mitigate security risks and protect against cyber threats.

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Enhance Efficiency

Simplify access management and automate user provisioning.

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Improve Compliance

Optimize compliance processes and manage compliance risks.

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Reduce Costs

Optimize resource utilization and reduce operational costs

Leveraging Leading IAM Solutions


Open Source

Rich authentication, authorization, and user management.

SSO Functionality

Provides unified login experience across multiple platforms.

Customizable & Extensible

Customizable features & extensible architecture for flexibility.

Web & Mobile Apps

Comprehensive identity management for web and mobile.

Scalable & Serverless

Highly scalable and operates in a serverless environment.

Integrated with AWS

Seamlessly integrates with other AWS services like analytics.



Enterprise-focused platform emphasizing pre-built integration.


Enterprise-Grade Security

Prioritizes security, ensuring data protection and compliance.

User-friendly Experience

Emphasizes user experience and offers intuitive interfaces.

Our IAM Solution Implementation Services

Rest assured that your solution has been rigorously tested and proven satisfactory by numerous organizations.

Implementation and Deployment Services

We deploy IAM solutions and configure the platforms to integrate seamlessly.

Customization and Integration Services

We customize your IGA system with features specific to your business.

Single Sign-On (SSO) Setup Services

We enable SSO functionality to allow users to access all your applications.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Services

We set up various MFA mechanisms to enhance authentication security.

Authorization and Access Control Services

We craft access policies and implement precise permissions for security.

Identity Lifecycle Management Services

We create user management workflows and automate tasks for efficiency.

IAM for Organizational Success

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Digital Transformation

Adapt to evolving business needs, regulatory requirements, and tech advancements with flexible and scalable capabilities.

Strategic Alignment

Strategic Alignment

Align with your larger business goals like CX, no matter how complex or unique your environment or engagement is.


Risk Mitigation

Mitigate risks associated with unauthorized access, data breaches, and compliance, safeguarding your assets and reputation.


Customer Trust and Loyalty

Instill confidence and loyalty in customers by demonstrating a commitment to data security, privacy, and regulatory compliance.

A Powerful IAM Solution For Your Enterprise

Organizations worldwide have begun to prioritize customers’ digital experiences because they determine customer loyalty and trust. There’s an increased imperative to understand better where and how security and identity intersect to impact strategies meaningfully. With Bitcot, you can ensure that the right people can access the right resources at the right times for the right reasons.


Global Enterprise Expertise

Our team works with a good number of large corporations with a worldwide reach, which means we know how to accommodate such clients. We've done several workforce and customer identity projects for clients like Evolus using industry-leading tools and platforms. Our approach includes focusing on your people, processes, environment, and technologies supporting Identity and Access Management.

Our IAM Implementation Expertise

We empower your digital identity strategy with proven technologies used by countless businesses.

We customize Keycloak solutions with features like SSO, role-based access control, and social login integration.


We excel in integrating Okta’s SSO and MFA services to modernize your access infrastructure with high security.

Amazon Cognito

We specialize in configuring Amazon Cognito to streamline user authentication and authorization processes.

Azure / GCS

We tailor Azure AD and Google Cloud Identity to centralize and enforce comprehensive access control policies.

Safeguard Your Most Important Assets With Bitcot

  • Minimize Security Risks
  • Boost User Experience
  • Reduce Administrative Overhead
  • Get Unmatched Visibility & Control

How do I choose the right IAM solution for my organization?

What are the key features I should look for in an IAM solution?

Can IAM solutions be customized to suit our specific business needs?

What custom features can you integrate into my eCommerce website?

How do you handle user onboarding and offboarding with IAM solutions?

Do you offer ongoing consulting to help me strategize my eCommerce store?

What services do you provide after the launch of my IAM solution?

Can your IAM solutions scale to accommodate our organization's growth?

What sets your services apart from other providers in the industry?

What is the typical timeline and cost involved in implementing an IAM solution?