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We deliver accessible and highly secure marketplace solutions that will easily integrate with your business; further customization can be delivered as needed.

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Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platform,
Sell any digital service

BitCot can create the best multi-vendor marketplace platform for your business: help customers find the perfect product or solution for their need.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platform, </br>Sell any digital service

AV HERO - An On-Demand Marketplace Platform
Developed by BitCot Simple. Fast. Cost-Effective.

AV HERO is a technology platform that connects customers to a network of certified audiovisual technicians.

Account Creation

Customers and HEROES create an online account, connect secure banking information, and request/receive jobs. All new, active and closed jobs are tracked through the AV HERO platform providing total transparency and archiving.


Customers are given the opportunity to approve work and charges before billing occurs. Rate and re-request your favorite AV HEROES to ensure optimal experience.

User Interface

Track all open, active and closed jobs with your custom dashboard, automated systems and intuitive user interface.

AV HERO - An On-Demand Marketplace Platform</br>Developed by BitCot Simple. Fast. Cost-Effective.

Fashion Talent - Developed By BitCot

Candidates on Talent of Fashion' curated platform
are high-quality, actively looking, and
ready to interview.

Talent of Fashion
Talent of Fashion

Thousands of qualified, opportunity-seeking candidates

Talent of Fashion

PartnerHere - A Marketplace Platform to Find Your Teammates Developed by BitCot

PartnerHere is the only place to find partners and teammates who will accept
alternative forms of compensation.

AV HERO - An On-Demand Marketplace Platform</br>Developed by BitCot Simple. Fast. Cost-Effective.
Profile Creation And Collaboration

Step through the Profile Creator and you’ll be live in no time. Use brilliant photography to capture attention for you and your offers. Make irresistible offers to the community.

Customization & Recommendations

Ecommerce systems Intuitive track visitors’ browse, search, and purchase history and patterns. This data can be utilized to offer customized product recommendations.

Secure and Easy Management

A marketplace platform must, of course, have a way of authenticating its users. While this may seem like a basic measure even the most successful marketplaces, including Airbnb and Uber.

Build your own Marketplace Platform
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Get the billing features you expect and more

Use state of the art features to serve every type of user, while you also manage your inventory, products, and bills across Amazon, eBay, and other marketplaces.

>Web component standards
>Web component standards
Subscription Management
>Web component standards
Third-Party Integration
>Web component standards
Payment Processing Integration
Get the billing features you expect and more

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