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Integrate your Web & Mobile App with Google Calendar

You can use a calendaring integration service within Amazon AWS that supports scheduling deleting, viewing, and listing meetings and calendar appointments through one or multiple inboxes using both a graphical user interface and Java/REST API calls. Amazon Work-mail provides users with a safe business email and calendar service that has an endpoint for Exchange Web Services.

What Makes A Great Calendar App?

Some of the essential elements that comprise a great calendar app are evident in apps like Fantastical, it takes advantage of features like force and 3D touch and provides support for multiple languages. The app also lets people use their voice to create reminders, supporting simple text phrases for making alerts and reminders.
Calendar Integration

You can create meetings and appointments using Amazon WorkMail web application. Also, with the AWS Java API developers can talk to the endpoint of the WorkMail application.


Amazons simple notifications service (SNS) allows users to access reliable message delivery that utilizes AWS cloud to dynamically scale with applications.

Hold all types of Meetings

With Amazon Chime, users can schedule all types of meetings and video conferencing calls, granting the capability of sharing content both within and without your network.

Easy and fast to view appointments

The Amazon Chime Console allows both companies and developers to view scheduled appointments from anywhere in the world.

Simple to Share with Others

With Amazon Work Docs, users can create content, share files and feedback while accessing their files using Work-docs on any application.


With Amazon EC2 Systems Manager, users have the capability of using their documents on multiple platforms.

The Big Three Calendar Apps

The top three calendar applications available today Google calendar and Microsoft Outlooks Calendar stand out above the rest. Most of the more popular apps include calendar support, tasks, notifications and reminders.

Microsoft’s Outlook Calendar

Microsoft Outlook Calendar is the obvious choice for businesses as it includes handy features like Microsoft email integrations and real time calendar notifications.

Google Calendar

Google calendar is the obvious choice among individuals as users can easily integrate their Gmail accounts and share their calendars with family, friends, and co-workers.

Microsoft’s Outlook Calendar

Many businesses choose Microsoft Outlook’s Calendar service as it provides them with the tools to create appointments and events. Furthermore, users can organize meetings and select recipients.

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