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Whether you need help handling one specific part or your entire end-to-end flow, we can be your analytics partner!
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Complete Support
Complete Support

We have over ten years of experience in the industry and have proven credentials in Data Analytics. We do analysis, insights, data science and more!

Create a Data-Driven Culture
Create a Data-Driven Culture

Give yourself a competitive advantage by making informed decisions based on evidence, not emotions.

Big Data Predictive Analytics Solutions
Big Data Predictive Analytics Solutions

Look to predictive analytics in order to boost profitability and predict business outcomes by analyzing correlations and trends in data sets.

Lead your Industry and make an <br/> Impact with Data

Lead your Industry and make an
Impact with Data

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Make crucial business decisions
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Harness the Power of Data and Business Intelligence

We will analyze your needs and bring the best solution for you. With a robust data stack, you can gather the right
insights for your business. Our solution will provide you top capabilities in the following areas:

The Traditional Way of Accessing Data
Accessing data via Data Marts is challenging and cumbersome

The Traditional Way of Accessing Data </br>Accessing data via Data Marts is challenging and cumbersome

The Modern Way of Accessing Data
Improve your data efficiency and productivity with a SQL engine.

The Modern Way of Accessing Data </br>Improve your data efficiency and productivity with a SQL engine.

Data Analytics and Visualization Strategy

As companies increasingly gather data, they need innovative and actionable methods to uncover intelligent insights from their newfound collection of information. Many want to heavily invest in their data visualizations strategy, but don’t know where to begin.

Data visualization essentially comprises three components.
Data Science

This is the raw data that gets recorded, collected, and perhaps aggregated, before being sent over for analysis – also known as the technology-driven “back end” of a big data solution.

Business Analytics

This is the statistical, insights-driven side of the data. You can analyze, consume, and act on the implications of the data as you see fit.

User Experience (UX)

UX focuses on the practicality and design of the end product. Researching user experience ensures that all product users can comfortably visualize the data they are interested in.

Data visualization essentially comprises three components.

What BitCot can do for you?

As the need for gathering data becomes easier, companies now have to manage their data and provide a better
way to uncover intelligent, actionable, and accessible insights from all their data sources.

What BitCot can do for you?
Get You the Experts You Need

We have over ten years of experience in the industry. and our entire team, from our PM’s to our data scientists, is here for you to succeed!

Free Up Time to Grow Your Business

You’ll need time to focus on other ventures as you grow your business; contact our team to work for you so we can lighten your load, while still scaling your business.

Develop Your Big Picture Strategy

With our extensive experience in data, analytics, and insights across many clients, we can discover and share the best practices and strategies we’ve come across.

Analytics Packages

We offer simple, yet comprehensive Analytics Packages to choose one that works for you to start improving your business today!

Benefits of Using SQL Engines and BI Tools

SQL Engines and BI tools provide numerous benefits to their end user. Some of the most important ones include:

Pulling and reconciling all relevant data

Collect and manage your data from various portals, ERPs, CRMs, flat files, databases, APIs, etc.

Automating manual tasks

Automate your reporting process as you move away from the traditional methods of business management.

Unlocking data access

Self-service capabilities will reduce the IT department’s burden and will allow each person to research and explore the data on their own.

Reducing business

Since BI platforms offer you faster planning, analysis, and reporting processes, you’ll be able to achieve better business results and make profitable adjustments.

Predictive Analysis

Generate insights for future scenarios with forecast engines to prepare or adjust your current strategies.

24/7/365 Service

The Software-as -a-Service (SaaS) model offered by these tools securely hosts data on a cloud environment for your continuous access; you can scale or de-scale your service based on your specific needs.

Benefits of Using SQL Engines and BI Tools

Frequently Asked Questions

Big data analytics is a strategy involving the process of collecting, organizing, and analyzing large amounts of data to assist businesses to make informed decisions.
A great big data analytics strategy will uncover previously unknown patterns, correlations, preferences, and/or other vital information for your business.
A data analytics strategy can be applied across all functions of a business to great effect.
Data mining is the process of extracting useful patterns from a large amount of data. Data mining techniques are generally applied over a data warehouse system before business intelligence platforms further present or visualize the relevant data.
After collecting all necessary information, data analysis is done to discover key trends. After that, business intelligence platforms are used to demonstrate these trends and forecast future impact.
Data monetization is the process of using data to increase revenue. Top data analytics companies have integrated a data monetization plan into their overall strategy as a means to streamline current operations and identify new opportunities.