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Reach customers where they already are.

Smartphones are literally everywhere. The average American adult spends almost 2.5 hours a day on their smartphones. So people are communicating more than ever before.

But what do you do when you need to communicate with customers about sensitive issues? How do you let them know there’s a delay in their order? How do you let them know if the delivery has an issue?

BitCot is here to help! We offer an easy solution to help you build a communications hub in your business that will power your live chat, voice calls, text messages, push notifications and more.

Build a WhatsApp Business Bot for Your Business.

WhatsApp Business API is a new set of APIs that allows businesses to customize their presence on WhatsApp, reaching customers directly through chat. With the launch of WhatsApp Business API and the Twilio Flex-based Notify service, we can help you build customer support bots, delivery notifications, and more over WhatsApp.

Develop Customer Relationships Securely

Scaling any business threatens to expose you to a wide variety of issues, and many businesses face this every single day. Twilio’s Account security APIs help you protect what you’ve worked so hard to build with your customers. If you’re looking for secure software that helps you forge an honest, two-way relationship with your customers while protecting them from all sorts of threats, then Twilio’s APIs are just what the doctor ordered!



Build a contact center tailored to your business

We help you build a cloud contact center solution platform that removes the need for any complex on-premise software. Contact centers report a cost savings of 34% over traditional tools due to its 100% cloud environment. Additionally, this solution offers an effective way to streamline business processes, boost efficiency, and create personalized experiences for customers.

For example, you can now put relevant information at your agents’ fingertips so your customers get highly personalized interactions – even if they reach your company via any number of communication channels – all managed on a single platform!

Put the power of cloud communications to work for you.

Delivering the right experience to the right people at the right time.

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