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Build Custom Healthcare Enterprise Mobile Applications

With us, you will be able to design and develop custom solutions that perfectly fit your requirements. We have experience working with clients specifically interested in custom medical software solutions and enterprise mobile applications. Get started today so you can give your patients a more enhanced, complete experience tomorrow!

  • Technology Services We Offer:

    Our end-to-end development work with goes beyond the programming of your healthcare solution. Other technology services we offer include:

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    API Development

    We offer custom API development services that will be specific to your intended application’s needs and platforms.

  • application maintenance-bitcot

    Application Maintenance

    After delivery, BitCot will look after the maintenance and support of your healthcare IT solution to fix bugs and upgrade software as needed.

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    Data Back-Up

    We will provide a data back-up solution for both security and recovery purposes. If found optimal, a service can even be setup to back up all your application data at every custom time inter

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    Migration Service

    We can migrate or restore your backups to other systems. When necessary, they can also be integrated to existing cloud or on-site storage.

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    Implementation & Deployment

    Our developers handle all aspect of the deployment phase of the development process. Any bugs that do exist will be resolved swiftly and with purpose.

Benefits of Custom Healthcare Software:

Our software allows healthcare providers to treat patients more accurately and efficiently. Here are some of the key benefits clients have experienced with BitCot’s healthcare IT solutions:

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    Simple EMR & EHR Management

  • healthcare mobile app-bitcot

    Better Patient Interaction

  • healthcare mobile app-bitcot

    More Control Over Pharmacy & Inventory

  • healthcare mobile app-bitcot

    Lower Operational Cost

  • healthcare mobile app-bitcot

    Staff Efficiency Improvement

  • healthcare mobile app-bitcot

    Safer Patient Data Storage

HIPAA Compliant Integration

HIPAA Cloud Services

We can guarantee that any cloud storage service used for your health care solution will be safe and secure. BitCot uses the following five cloud storage services, all of which are HIPAA-compliant:

healthcare mobile app-bitcot healthcare mobile app-bitcot healthcare mobile app-bitcot healthcare mobile app-bitcot healthcare mobile app-bitcot
Google Drive Dropbox Microsoft One Drive Carbonite


Compliant Secure Storage

healthcare mobile app-bitcot

For maximal data protection, our developers will add security on top of the selected cloud settings. All services will be provided with an eye towards the expansion: additional storage and future scalability can be easily provided whenever necessary for your solution.





Create Custom Enterprise Healthcare Development Services

Practice Management Systems execute operational, administrative, and financial activities. Sundry matters, including scheduling, follow-ups, medical tests, etc. can be managed through the software. Whether you manage an entire system of health care or are in charge of home health services, we can develop a custom practice management software solution. Our Mobile App Development can ensure you a product that can efficiently aid in the following tasks:

healthcare mobile app-bitcot

Mobile App Development can ensure you a product that can efficiently aid in the following tasks:

  • Documentation of accurate information and patient history
  • Simultaneous treatment & observation of patients
  • Patient registration, scheduling, & logging
  • Cloud Synchronization
  • Insurance Check
  • Customer Support
  • Patient Invoicing

The Digital Transformation of Healthcare Application Development

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence(AI)& Robotics in the Industry

AI and Robotics have proven to be incredibly useful in improving the accuracy of surgical operations and precisely diagnosing healthcare conditions. They can also aid in remote treatment and prosthetic training. Arguably, there is even a lot of potential for these technologies to support patients’ mental health and daily tasks.

Healthcare Use of Big Data

Advancements in Big Data capabilities have made it possible for companies in the Healthcare Industry to create geographic markets with high potential for growth. More importantly, patient profiling and care can now be more easily identified and holistic. The personalized and optimal healthcare that big data allows leads to better relationships across consumers, physicians, and patients.


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