Why Use Swift for iOS application development?

The Swift programming language allows developers to create applications that are safe, fast, and expressive.


Swift syntax is concise and entirely designed for code safety. Moreover, the Swift compiler follows a strict protocol for objects and data structures to prevent run-time crashes in your application.


Swift code is optimized through high-performance LLVM compiler technology and the standard library has been tuned to make the most obvious way to write your code also perform the best. Apps created with Swift are guaranteed to be fast and powerful.


Swift is a modern language that was created after intense research on programming languages and decades of experience building Apple platforms. As a result, there are many forward-thinking concepts that Swift developers can take advantage of to make their code more expressive when building your application.

I Ready to jumpstart your Swift project?

Swift App Development Services

BitCot’s Swift Development team is highly competent and will work with you every step of the way, that so
you can enjoy the following benefits while we develop your Swift application:

Why hire swift app developer?

Our team of Swift developers will meticulously hand-pick the best elements from the programming language to help you outdo your competition. With the right features, we can build you a flexible, reliable, and stable app using Swift. Benefits of choosing to develop your iOS application with Swift include:

Simple Syntax

Swift code closely resembles plain English, which makes programming in this language more natural and less troublesome.

Objective-C Interoperability

Swift code can co-exist with any Objective-C files you may already have in your project; with full access to your Objective-C API, Swift is easy to adopt.


Swift automatically manages memory and enforces exclusive access to memory guards against many programming mistakes. Entire classes of unsafe code are eliminated, while initializing and copying variables adhere to strict programming rules to prevent run-time crashes.

Playgrounds and Read-Eval-Print-Loop (REPL)

Writing Swift code can be fun and interactive with playgrounds in Xcode. Simply, type a line of code and see exactly how the resulting visual changes or appears. Once you’ve perfected your code in the playground, you can easily move that code into your project.

High Speed

Swift provides tremendous speed advantages during development, which in turn, save costs significantly. For perspective, a complex object sort, in algorithm will run 3.9x faster in Swift than an equivalent implementation in Python.


Swift is developed in the open at Swift.org, allowing for a broad community of developers to continuously improve and modernize the language. New source code, bug trackers, forums, and regular development builds are available to everyone interested.

Industries We Serve

At Bitcot, we offer high-quality services to build long-term connections with our clients. We are one of the leading mobile app development companies and have become highly proficient in the Swift programming language since it was first introduced in 2014. We develop Swift applications using an agile approach and take advantage of other modern technologies to enhance the functionality and productivity of your business. We have successfully built applications in the past for companies in the following industries:


Why Clients Choose BitCot for Swift App development?

We specialize in building applications using emerging technologies. Swift has revolutionized the paradigms of programming and has allowed us to build the iOS applications you want in a powerful, yet secure way. When you working with us, you can expect:

  • Capability to Integrate with 3rd Party APIs

    Our Swift applications are developed such that they seamlessly integrate with 3rd party APIs.

  • Predictive Analytics

    We use predictive analytics on our apps so that we can appropriately adjust them to improve engagement and productivity.

  • Technical Support

    Our technical support team will provide prompt answers to any of your questions regarding our applications.

  • Proficient iOS Development

    Our development team operates at the highest level and will specifically address and produce each requirement necessary for your iOS application.

  • Exceptional Error-Handling

    The Swift programming language employs a fundamentally new approach to error handling.

  • Dynamic libraries

    Swift supports dynamic libraries,, which significantly reduce app size and download time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Swift is a powerful and intuitive programming language for macOS, iOS, watchOS, tvOS and beyond.
Swift was created by Apple; it was carefully designed through research on programming languages and Apple platforms.
At Bitcot, we offer high-quality services to build long-term connections with our clients. We are one of the leading mobile app development companies and have become highly proficient in the Swift programming language since it was first introduced in 2014.
Swift is a successor to the Objective-C language. It is simpler, safer, and faster than Objective-C.
Yes, you can create an iOS app today with nothing but Swift code.
Swift is a new, innovative language and will continue to be the standard for iOS app development.