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Get organized to improve customer service, save time & drastically increase your profitability using complete & customizable solutions for retail management.

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Features Of Retail IT Software

Multi-Store & Franchise Management

Keep Tabs on all your stores from a device anytime, anywhere. Manage your chain of stores/outlet as one unit with a focal list, detailed inventory, transfer stock crosswise over stores and view all sales and tax.

Inventory Management

Gain access to real-time stock level of all outlets/store and make transfers from central stockroom Sale365Cloud provide option to set low stock or out of stock alerts, Stock that you want to keep.

Purchase & Supply Management

Run a central purchasing or manufacturing system for your store/outlets . Outlets can send requests for the items that they need or running low in stock. At one point purchase can access all requests and combine them to create.

Real-Time Analytics and Reports

Bitcot is built with powerful and yet simple to use in analytics to view overall sales, Payments + Taxes transaction, inventory and related information. With a few Steps, you can see the overall performance.

Customer Relationship and Analytics

Customers connection is an comparative must for a business in an increasingly crowded retail environment. Studies suggest that customers spend more money with enterprise that constantly stay in touch.

Pre-Paid/ Post-Paid & Gift Cards

Open pre-paid/Post-Paid accounts for your customer for quick and cashless transactions. Customer will receive a virtual voucher by email/SMS that they can use to make the payment at the time of sale.

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Retail CRM Software Advantages

Technology enforces the ability to add customer value – the holy grail of profitability for retailers.
Traditionally, retailers add value by:
Online & Offline

Operate in offline mode automatically when you lose Internet connection. Each device runs independently even if the internet is down. Automatic data streaming would start again in the back ground as soon as the internet connection is restored. No manual upload, download.

Highly Scalable

Whether you have a single location or hundreds, Just billing is extremely scalable. You do not need to invest on head office server, hardware or infrastructure. This not only just saves your cost or capital investment, but also the effort, resources and expertise to configure.

Highly Security

Your data is fully secure with our data centers from the world’s top cloud service provider Amazon AWS, which meets all the international standards, compliances and governance such as PCI, ISO, SOC. Moreover, all communication with cloud head office are encrypted with HTTPS protocol.

No Maintenance

No maintenance is required for the software, your data or servers. Be on top of the latest version of Just Billing software always with automatic upgrades. All your data are automatically backed up every day on our cloud servers. Setup a new device with your data automatically just in few minutes.

Retail Software Key Highlights

Tools and Frameworks

Integrate with applications seamlessly and enable new levels of connectivity and transformation.

Cross-industry Experience

Integrated solutions from years of cross-industry experience and technology expertise.

Innovation-led Approach

Build with speed and agility to enable you to meet business needs, now and in the future.

Faster Development

Enable faster development of enterprise-class apps, improving developer productivity.

Benefits Of Retail IT Software Solutions

Why Choose BitCot For Retail IT Software Solutions?

We specialize in the art of crafting a responsive and UI-rich fantasy sports games application for fantasy sports enthusiasts, leagues, clubs, and professionals.

Ease Of Use

We develop apps that save valuable time with easy to use navigational features.


We develop affordable, quality-driven solutions, incorporating the must-have features.

API Development

Our apps have capabilities to integrate with 3rd party APIs such as Google Fit to access health data.

Technical Support

Our efficient support team provides prompt answers to your queries, with regards to the applications.

Predictive Analytics

We improve employee engagement and productivity by using predictive analytics of our apps.

Safety & Security

We prioritize on data encryption for confidential health and fitness data for security and safety.

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