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Traditional Will Call

Will Call refers to a method of delivery for purchased items where the customer picks up the items at the seller’s place of business. It may also refer to the department within a business where goods are staged for customer pick up.

Digital Will Call

Digital Will Call replaces the traditional Will Call service with a Digital Audio/SMS Chatbot, which helps you to drive engagement and increase conversion rates by providing more convenience to the Customers.

Change The Way You Do Will Call Delivery

The process of order delivery has been tedious for the last few years. There are no real supply chain solutions within the Industries. Businesses continue to lose money from the antiquated process. B2B shipments have been especially difficult due to the middlemen that get involved in the delivery.

Digital Will Call with Twilio provides an opportunity to reduce the complexity of the process and modernize it. It gives you a way to improve customer messaging on text or email. It allows communication and the process to be smooth and swift.

The Digital Will Call with Twilio involves the customers through their order journey with utmost transparency. From Quotes to Order Confirmation, to the Order is ready for pick up and follow up reminders, the communication is streamlined.

It helps with hassle-free, no-touch delivery, especially during the times of Covid 19.


How does it work?

The customer is notified with a SMS/Call when the Order is marked ready for pick up.

The customer arrives at the Will Call for the pick up, and can ping/call the Bot number displayed on big hoardings in the Will Call area with the parking slot he/she is in.
The customer communicates with the bot to check the status of their order and the bot in turn notifies the warehouse personnel/team through a web interface that displays the order details and alerts them with a ding sound to initiate the order delivery.


Easy to Use Dashboard

The application's dashboard is very easy to use. We've kept it simple, clean and uncluttered. It comes with features that you need. Employees can keep track of every order's status from a single screen. The bot internally communicates with a node application that in turn talks to a react based web portal set up in the warehouse to display the orders as soon as the customer arrives. This interface helps the warehouse staff to process the order and serve it to the customer at the specified parking slot. This portal also calculates the waiting time of the customer to determine the efficiency of the delivery process.

How is the Will Call flow integrated with Twilio?

1. We have developed a notification engine to notify customers during the order journey.

When the order is confirmed, the customer is notified by email, phone or sms based on the customer’s preference.

When the order is marked ready for pick up, the preferred notification will be sent to the customer stating that the order has been processed and ready for pick up.

2. We have developed a bot by integrating the Twilio Studio tool in conjunction with Twilio functions to build conversational Will Call flow.

SMS Chatbots provide a great way to engage with customers and deliver useful information to give the customer a sense of transparency of the overall process.

They’re widely accessible (no Internet needed!) and with tools like Twilio Studio, designing the flow of interactions becomes a delightful experience.

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Every time an SMS/Call comes in, it triggers the execution to start the flow, and if it matches any of the codes/flows we defined, it provides information to the user. If it doesn’t, then it’ll guide the user with the error scenarios.

Each Will Call area can have a parking slot. The customer can arrive for delivery and either chat or call the bot to initiate the delivery process.

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Overcome Order Delivery Challenges

Delivery challenges are a thing of the past with Digital Will call which streamlines your order process. Digital Will call works by creating a database of your customer orders and tracking the process from start to finish. It lists your pending deliveries and automatically updates the database as and when they are delivered, which means fewer mistakes for you and your employees. Customers can also view their order status themselves so you don’t have to contact them about any updates. Digital will call saves time and money and is a great tool for any business.

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