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The app provides a convenient and interactive medium for users to communicate through audio, facilitating a more personal and expressive form of communication compared to traditional text-based platforms.


By utilizing the app, individuals can easily capture their thoughts, ideas, and experiences through spoken words, creating a more immersive and authentic journaling experience.

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A private voice journal to help you reveal your best mindset and maximize your personality with strength-based psychology, powered by AI.

Some of the most complex animations that our company has built till date.

Get motivational voice prompts – Learn about the key aspects of yourself by integrating your experiences, thoughts, emotions, and memories

Learn psychology – See hidden patterns in your own thoughts and understand your motivations

Get a handle on your life story aka your personal narrative – Go on quests to continuously improve your mindset and personal relationships

Share your crazy ideas and aspirations with your inner circle to get a better perspective

Understand what your voice carries by seeing signals that reveal what’s behind the things you say

Voice journal your dreams and never forget them again!


Limited content
The app is relatively new and may not have a large user base or a wide range of content yet. This could limit the variety of stories and experiences available on the platform.
Quality control
The app's emphasis on positive stories could make it difficult to monitor and moderate content for accuracy and authenticity. Users may need to be vigilant about verifying the information they see on the app.
User engagement
As with any social media platform, user engagement and retention can be challenging. The app's developers may need to find ways to keep users engaged and interested in sharing and discovering positive content over the long term.
Technical issues
As with any mobile app, users may experience technical issues or bugs that can impact their user experience. It's important for the app's developers to address these issues promptly and effectively to maintain user satisfaction.

Project Goals

  • Explore Inwards for Healthy Mindsets
  • Reveal hidden patterns
  • Build your confidence
  • Create your personal myth


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