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The success of your business depends on how fast your company develops new products. But every improvement you make also increases the complexity of your system. You can hardly predict how your application will react to new functionalities.

The growing complexity makes it harder for developers to keep up with breaking changes and keep your delivery dates. So either you delay your release or stay on the same track, but with a reduced quality. In both cases, your competitiveness decreases.

We have been working on developing software from the time when DevOps was just a buzzword. We know how to help your teams focus on what really matters – building a product without fear of problems that might arise. Our DevOps engineer will streamline deployment, monitoring, security, backups, data centre optimization, etc.. in order to assure that everything runs smoothly.

DevOps Services

DevOps Toolset We Master to Speed Up Software Development

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Our Practical & Successful DevOps Approach

devops services-bitcot


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a DevOps engineer?

A DevOps engineer is the person who is supposed to create a bridge between software development and software operations. He/She is supposed to promote the idea of “Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery”. Put simply, continuous integration and continuous delivery mean that code is built and tested after every change and is pushed to production after every change. This is very beneficial as errors can be fixed faster and customers can see changes faster.

Absolutely. If you have heard of the software development life cycle, then you have heard of DevOps. DevOps is a combination of development, operations, and software engineering. It brings all these three components into a single collaborative effort to create a better product. In the old school method, the DevOps engineers would be isolated from other roles in a development team. But in a modern business, DevOps outgrow this role and start working directly with the development team, testing team, and other roles in a company. DevOps engineers are a very important part of a modern business and should be a kind of a person who can look at different perspectives of software. He or she should be able to identify problems early on and bring change in the workflow.

DevOps tools are used to facilitate communication between software development and software operations. Some of the tools used in the development of DevOps are Jenkins, Chef, Puppet, Salt, Terraform, Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, and more

– A significant reduction of the time and effort required to deploy and update applications and environments.
– A reduction of the time and effort spent on troubleshooting and fixing problems.
– Improved efficiency by using the same team of people to enhance and maintain the system.
– Improved communication between the development and operations teams as they share the same goals and responsibilities.

BitCot can offer you numerous solutions across a range of DevOps services, including planning, planning and assessment, processes integration, pipelines and automation, and more.

DevOps engineers are responsible for ensuring that applications are built-in reliable ways, and are ready to handle the significant load they are likely to encounter when they go live. As such, DevOps engineers often work with product designers and product managers to find the best solutions to the scalability concerns they’ve identified.

DevOps is a cultural movement. It couldn’t exist without the cultural change it aims to create. Thus, the best preparation for DevOps is by changing your culture. You have to socialize with your team. You have to change the way you work. And you have to change the way you communicate with your networks and infrastructure teams. There are a lot of changes that you will have to make to prepare for DevOps, but that’s the point. DevOps requires a complete cultural change.

The biggest mistake companies make is not having a strategic approach to DevOps. No one disagrees that DevOps is a necessary tactic in the race to stay competitive in today’s business world, but just having a DevOps team and creating a DevOps culture is not enough. It’s the strategic approach that will bring real value and results to the business. With a strategic approach, all DevOps activities and tools will be focused and aligned to the business goals and will bring the best ROI.

One of the biggest distinctions between the two is the core values set forth by each. They both share the same mentality of iterative development and collaboration between software developers and IT/operations teams, although the former focuses more on culturally transforming a company to a more lean and nimble operation. DevOps takes a much broader focus to include the entire software development lifecycle.

AWS DevOps or Cloud DevOps is a set of software tools that aid software production companies in their day-to-day tasks. There are tools that help in continuous integration, continuous delivery, monitoring, logging, etc. AWS or cloud DevOps is usually preferred by software companies that have a large number of clients because it allows them to have a high degree of flexibility. It also helps them to keep their servers updated.

Bitcot’s DevOps Services provides a range of services that will help you streamline the time to market, eliminate mistakes and avoid failure for your business. It offers a combination of developer tools, operational excellence, and DevOps consulting expertise, which will help you alleviate the frustrations of finding your way through DevOps while achieving dazzling returns on investment.

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