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Your Online Store, The Way You Want

Imagine having a great product but not showing or selling them the way you want because your E-store plugin or platform comes with predefined templates that canโ€™t customize as per your needs. Wouldnโ€™t it be great if there was one platform that could let you customize the way you want? If you could sell everything and anything under one store?

It would help if you had an ecommerce store that works for you, not the other way around. With WooCommerce, your shop is as unique as your products. It looks the way you want it to, fits your corporate identity, and seamlessly works with the rest of your site using the latest adaptive technology.

Customization Without Limits

Overcome your Webstore Customization Limits with Bitcot. Here’s a list of few customizations Bitcot woocoomerce experts can do for you.

  • Woocommerce Role Based Pricing
  • Woocommerce Override the pricing according to logged-in members
  • Woocommerce Table Pricing + Volume Pricing
  • Woocommerce Customization for the Experian
  • Woocommerce integration with Chargify
  • Woocommerce Order Management
  • Woocommerce Checkout customization like Amazon. (Look and Feel), etc
  • Multiple Shipping integration
  • Add custom fields for the Products. (Included free or paid as an addon)
  • Add options to add some notes or fields on the Cart Page. (As a gift wrapper, RecipientName, etc)
  • We can provide an option for the frontend user to add some audio or video at the time or order for the recipient. (As a gift Note/message).

  • Bypass the Cart page. The user should redirect directly to Checkout. (For all products or for specific ones).
  • Custom checkout fields validation to enhance the checkout.
  • Tax management via Tax jar API and implementing the Fees options on checkout
  • Customization Woocommerce registration form and implementing the 2FA and Email verification to complete the registration.
  • Customization My Dashboard for the Customers, to manage the orders, downloaded products, wishlist, my viewed products, etc
  • Upsell and Recommended products on Shop Page, Single Product page, Cart page, etc.
  • Custom plugin for the Abandoned Cart feature., etc

Some Great Applications We Have Built

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Our Clients

We have successfully delivered digital products for over 300+ clients.

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is WooCommerce development?

    WooCommerce’s development is the process of creating websites, applications, and other services based on the WooCommerce platform. This e-commerce platform was initially developed in 2011 by WordPress to enable businesses to have their online stores and accept payments from customers. It involves customizing the platform to fit a business’s specific needs and requirements. This includes setting up themes, integrating payment options, configuring add-ons, and developing new features.

    BitCot is a dedicated WooCommerce development partner with years of experience and expertise in creating online stores. Our team of experienced developers is well-versed in the latest technologies and can create secure, user-friendly e-commerc websites that boost customer engagement, improve brand visibility, and increase sales. We ensure your website has an efficient and reliable performance and an easy-to-navigate interface, enabling you to maximize your ROI. With our tailored solutions & unparalleled customer service, we guarantee smoother workflows for merchants & customers alike.

    WooCommerce is so popular because it is an open-source e-commerce platform that is easy to set up, customize, and use. It also has a large selection of themes and plugins that make it easy to build a custom store that meets the specific needs of businesses. Additionally, WooCommerce offers features such as automatic tax calculations, secure payment gateways, reporting tools, marketing integrations, and more.

    BitCot is a WooCommerce development company that provides services such as custom store design and setup, plugin and theme customization, e-commerce website optimization, speed optimization, payment gateway integration, and support. We can also provide maintenance and ongoing support to ensure your store runs smoothly. Our team of experienced developers can also offer consultation services to help you choose the best platform for your business needs.

    Investing in WooCommerce development services can help you increase your online sales and reach more potential customers. WooCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms and provides powerful features that make it easy to build and manage a successful online store. In addition, our WooCommerce developers are experienced in developing custom solutions for businesses. Investing in an experienced team of WooCommerce developers will allow you to take advantage of the latest features. As a result, your site looks great, runs smoothly, and helps encourage more users to purchase products from your store.

    BitCot is an experienced WooCommerce development firm with expertise in building custom stores for clients. We combine e-commerce best practices with an understanding of the latest advancements in web technology to design and develop stores optimized for speed, scalability, and reliability. Our developers have a unique skill set that helps them stay current with security updates, take care of intricate performance issues, implement new features quickly and accurately, ensure cross-browser compatibility, leverage analytics data to optimize conversions, and more.

    BitCot has been providing WooCommerce solutions since 2014. With an experience of more than seven years, BitCot’s highly skilled teams are leading the pack in providing clients with fully customized and feature-rich WordPress-powered online stores. Using WordPress & WooCommerce development services, we provide our clients with tailor-made solutions that meet their specific business requirements and are based on open-source technologies. In addition, our experienced developers deeply understand all facets involved in developing custom stores created to unique functional and design requirements.

    BitCot offers premium WooCommerce support to help you get the most out of your website. After your project is completed, BitCot will provide ongoing and timely technical support, including the installation of fixes and updates as needed. In addition, they offer monthly maintenance packages that provide additional advanced features and access to their team of WooCommerce experts for any WooCommerce questions or concerns.

    BitCot can develop an e-commerce site from scratch, using custom coding and software development for each website. The company can create websites from scratch using a variety of web languages and tools, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, APIs, and databases. Additionally, BitCot can provide pre-existing digital elements to tailor a specific customer’s needs.

    WooCommerce can be suitable for large businesses, depending on their specific needs. WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce platform that can provide a cost-effective solution for selling products or services online. It is highly customizable, easily scalable, and can accommodate complex product variations and inventory management. For larger stores, there are other features such as automatic shipping calculation, order statuses, and tracking systems that WooCommerce has built into the platform. With all these features available, WooCommerce can be a good starting point for building a powerful and successful online store for large businesses.

    Yes, it is possible to customize your WooCommerce plugins further. Using plugins and extensions, you can add or modify existing functionalities of the WooCommerce platform, allowing you to create custom experiences for customers accessing its shop. Additionally, by editing code in the appearance settings or even coding directly into plugin files, developers can customize their store as they wish.

    WooCommerce can handle an unlimited number of orders, depending on the hosting setup that you have in place. Proper scaling and optimization can keep WooCommerce running well and allow it to handle a high volume of orders. Additionally, WooCommerce integrates with many third-party plugins and services that can help scale your website to handle large orders.

    Yes, BitCot is experienced in WooCommerce custom plugin development. We have the skills and experience necessary to customize plugins to meet specific requirements for customers. This can include code customization, adding features or functions, changing settings, and more.

    We are a team of experienced WooCommerce developers, designers, engineers. Our in-house developers specialize in delivering WooCommerce store development projects of all sizes. So whether you need a single plugin or have a large-scale project requiring custom development, our experts have the experience and resources to help. In addition, we take pride in providing high-quality services at competitive rates, so our clients can maximize their return on investment.

    Yes, our WooCommerce development company does provide maintenance services. We support setting up backups, hosting, updates, and resolving performance issues. Our team is experienced in troubleshooting and resolving technical problems quickly. Additionally, we offer ongoing maintenance packages that include security patch installation and constant monitoring of your site to keep it running smoothly.

    WooCommerce is currently available in three versions: free, paid, and enterprise. The free version has limited features and should be used for hobbyists or small stores, while the paid and enterprise versions are much more suited to companies with extensive inventories. All WooCommerce versions support essential e-commerce features such as payment gateways, shipping integrations, tax calculation, and product management. The level of functionality depends on the version that best suits your needs.

    The time it takes to customize a WooCommerce website can vary greatly depending on the size of the project and other factors. Generally speaking, a custom WooCommerce website design could take weeks. This timeframe would include web design, database setup, development, plugin installation, and testing.

    The cost of WooCommerce development depends on the project’s scope, complexity, and timeline. Therefore, it is essential to have a clear understanding of what you requir before considering a quote. It is typically only possible to provide an accurate estimate by understanding the size of the project and its components.

    There are several strategies to help increase conversions on a WooCommerce store. These include optimizing the design of your website, providing easy navigation and search options for customers, offering discount codes and promotions, adding customer reviews and testimonials, improving page load times, setting up clear product returns policies, and creating targeted email campaigns with personalized messages. Additionally, ensuring your store is mobile-friendly and that you have secure payment systems can also help improve conversions.

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