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Grow your fitness step platform with tailor-made web and mobile apps. We follow the agile development methodology to deliver the most effective solutions. Some of the features we can provide include:

Process of Developing </br>Fitness App
Process of Developing </br>Fitness App

Process of Developing
Fitness App

We have launched multiple fitness platforms (see below) and understand the process from start to finish. We begin by coordinating with you to discover a theme, then we customize your desired features and consult and how to best monetize your audience.

Integrate your Health and Fitness Business

BitCot’s fitness management software will be compatible for integration with your existing technologies, including:

Specialist integrations
Specialist integrations
Track Audience

Track and grow your audience with
our marketing tools

Engage with your audience and create a powerful communication strategy for your fitness platform using the email sequences, chat notifications, and robust analytics provided by our marketing tools.

Track Audience

Fitness App Development Includes:

Picking the right pricing model is the core of any successful video monetization strategy. You can charge recurring subscriptions,
rentals, or fixed-prices for content bundles (at any price you want). Your content
can include different combinations of the following:

  • Fitness Live Streaming
    Fitness Live Streaming
  • Fitness Studio Analytics
    Fitness Studio Analytics
  • Secure Online Booking
    Secure Online Booking
  • Gym Management
    Gym Management
  • Fitness Manage Activities
    Fitness Manage Activities

Fitness and Health Apps Portfolio

We can help you grow your fitness business with a 5-star app! Check out some of the solutions we've developed:

Accelerate Your Fitness Business With BitCot

BitCot will handle all of the code updates and technical support.

Accelerate Your Fitness Business With BitCot

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