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BitCot develops quality nonprofit apps that help make the world a better place. Create a customized app for your nonprofit, volunteering, donation, or event management service.

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Nonprofit Platform to Communicate, Track, and Manage

This platform connects leaders in education, business, environmentalism, technology, and public policy to help them solve the current environmental crises of the world. Built by the Creating Equilibrium team, this app invites event attendees to engage in a solutions-focused discussion to Accelerate our Better Tomorrow.

Manage and track

Add and manage multiple campaigns with different purposes and goal amounts from a single place.

Engage and retain
existing donors

Get a deeper understanding of your donor base by maintaining individual donor profiles for instant access.

Make the most out of your
volunteer network

If there is anyone who can speak about your cause as deeply as you can, it is definitely your volunteers.

Get updates in
real-time reports

Use interactive reports and dashboards to constantly monitor and evaluate your fundraising campaigns.

Digital Transform Your Nonprofit Platform

Digitization and Data Analytics

Digitize your paper records for easy access to relevant information and further insights provided by data analytics.

Customizable Profiles

Enable your staff to securely access critical data from any internet connection.

Free Support and Training

Raise more funds, and increase the impact of your campaigns with our free support and training.

Solution For Your Nonprofits Software Platform.

Make work less stressful by combining your separate
processes, communications, and data into one single application.


Donor Management
Software Solutions

Use BitCot’s Donor Management Software Platform to strengthen your relationship with donors, members, and volunteers. With all of your data and predictive insight under one application, you’ll be able to make easier and smarter decisions for your organization.


Volunteer Portal
Software Solutions

BitCot’s Volunteer Portal Software Platform will optimize your communication and collaboration with your volunteers. They’ll be able to easily register for, or even lead, your organization’s events, allowing you to continue focusing on your big-picture vision. Take advantage of data analytics and social networking to expand your campaign now!


Event Management

Promote and manage your events with BitCot’s Event Management Software Platform. Enhance your event attendees’ experience by sending personalized invitations, selling tickets online, and creating a mobile check-in. Whether you are fundraising for charity, building awareness for a special cause, or celebrating a memorable occasion, plan out your event from beginning to end to get the experience you want!


Integrate Multiple Platforms Into One.

Don’t waste time and energy switching between multiple platforms! BitCot’s software is built to easily integrate with most nonprofit tools. Do everything you want to do with BitCot’s tools and more, all on one platform.

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We can help you succeed at any point in your mobile app journey.


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BitCot is a comprehensive platform that gives you powerful, intelligent tools to manage your donors, mobilize your volunteers, market your nonprofit, and raise more money.

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