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Chia Blockchain farming with Ansible and DevOps Best Practices

We build Ansible playbooks, customize and support Chia farming, implement DevOps best practices with analytics, alerts, and monitoring on servers.

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How to Farm Chia Coin (XCH) Prerequisites

  • A solid-state hard drive (SSD). 250 GB or greater is required. You can also use an external SSD (e.g., Samsung T7 Portable SSD [Link to Amazon]) if your free disk space is less than 250 GB. An SSD is 10x (in read) to 20x times (in write) faster than an HDD.
  • External Hard Disk Drive (HDD) larger sizes are better [link to drives article]. A popular size is 18 TB at the time of this article.
  • Chia Blockchain software.

Chia Blockchain setup using manual Steps

To install Chia Blockchain software

Visit, then click “Install Chia Blockchain” to access the installation guide on the Chia-Network GitHub Wiki.

To install Chia Blockchain on Windows, choose “Chia Blockchain Windows” to download “ChiaSetup,” and then install it.

“ChiaSetup” will install Chia Blockchain software on your computer for you automatically. It installs software on /Users/Your Username/.chia directory.

When Windows Defender Firewall requests access, select “Allow access” for Chia Blockchain manual setup, ensuring a smooth installation process.

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Using Ansible to build servers and automation


There are no agents or software deployed on the clients/
servers to work with Ansible. The connection can be
done through the SSH or using the Python.


The Ansible uses modules to automate, configure, deploy,
and orchestrate the IT Infrastructure. There are around 750 +
modules built-in Ansible.

Secure and consistent

Since the Ansible uses SSH and Python it is very secure and the
operations are flawless.

Low Overhead

As it is agentless and does not require any servers, daemons, or
databases it can provide a lot of space in the systems and has low
overhead in terms of deployment.

English Like Language

To use the Ansible, configure, and deploy the infrastructure
is very simple and it is English like the language used called YAML.


Ansible comes with a whole lot of features and can be used to
manage the Operating systems, IT Infrastructure, the networks, the
servers, and services in very less time.


Leveraging SSH and Python, Ansible ensures both security and flawless operations, providing a consistent automation solution.


The Ansible’s performance is excellent and has very little

Automating Installation and Setup for Chia Block-Chain Using Ansible

  • Starting, Stopping, Deleting and Restarting an Instance in the Specified
  • Creating Disk and Attaching the Disk to a Specific Instance
  • Creating network components like VPC, Subnet, Security group, etc.
  • Attaching storage
  • Listing the objects inside the bucket
  • Deleting buckets
  • Instance provisioning

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