Automate and Standardize Your Scrapes

Formatting & Normalizing the Data

As data professionals, we know that not every dataset will come in the format that is most compatible with your use case. Don’t worry though! When this happens, we have a wealth of experience in transforming and formatting data so it’s ready to be used to answer your business questions.

Building APIs to Import Data

Bitcot enables forward-thinking companies to leverage the full potential of the web, which includes using information from external sources and making it a part of their distribution pipeline. Turn any website into an API, get & integrate pertinent information that compliments your main product.

Creating Triggers & Notifications

Bitcot helps you in automating web scrapers with the help of custom triggers or notifications. These can be used to manually intervene when needed.


Ways to Leverage Data Extraction

Web scraping is a fabulous way to get structured data out of the long, unstructured web. Businesses that use web scraping can take the vast amounts of information out there on the World Wide Web and turn it into manageable pieces of information for their applications. This may seem confusing and even a bit overwhelming at first, but that's okay because that's why we're here to guide you through these kinds of tasks! Here are some ideas on what kinds of tasks can be web scraped

Sales-Leads Sales Leads

Get more leads to your business using targeted scraping techniques. If you need more ideas to sell or get a larger audience, enrich your data with emails, phone numbers and social media profiles.

Social-Media Social Media

Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Gather social media data from any profile that matters most to your business. Collect the necessary information in one place, analyze your previous campaigns and monitor their progress!

Recruitment Recruitment

Accelerate your sourcing process with quality data on potential candidates, job listings, salary levels, trends by location, and more. Save time and make better hiring decisions.

Real-Estate-Data Real Estate Data

Scraping real estate data allows you to better evaluate property value, assess rental yields, forecast market direction, and identify investment opportunities sooner.

E-commerce E-commerce Price Monitoring & Competitive Intelligence

Gather insights that will give you an edge by reviewing your competitors' product data via trusted review sites such as Amazon. Learn what key information needs to be taken into account including price changes, new products release, product reviews and more.

Data-Analysis Market Research & Data Analysis

Save a lot of time before entering a new market or creating any project by being able to conduct detailed research that would usually take weeks to have at your fingertips in order to lay a solid foundation for whatever project you're working on.

Let us bring data to you

Our tool helps you to build an automatic data feed for your business. Bitcot helps you in extracting and structuring all kinds of data: text, links, images, files. Receive data in any format you need: Excel, CSV, JSON, or any other.


Why Bitcot for Data Extraction

Clean & Quality Data

Our team & Q&A process ensures 100% data integrity. Get data as CSV / JSON files, or use our APIs to pull data. Clean data guaranteed.

Get Maximum Coverage

Never miss a critical piece of data because your DIY software can't do it. Our technology is capable of extracting data from extremely complex websites.

All the Support, No Trade-Offs

We pride ourselves on being a customer-first company. Our team of experts will work directly with you to make sure that you get what you asked for. No Trade-offs!

Years of Experience

Our Experts have years of experience in different industries. Talking to them is free and comes with no obligation to sign up with us. Get insights into what other companies in your industry are upto.

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