RPA offers solutions to Automate Routine, Repetitive & Costly Business Tasks

RPA streamlines your workflow. Its scalability and flexibility let RPA fit your specific needs. Software robots with RPA are easy to train
and use with any system. You can instantly deploy them and make improvements as you learn from them.


Vendor on-boarding

Compiling and uploading vendor data to various systems and providing reports can be performed by an RPA solution.


Software installations & AI Driven DevOps

Setting up software across different systems, error handling, and ticketing tasks can be transformed through RPA. RPA provides higher accuracy and quality than manually doing these things.


Data migration

With RPA, data migration is no longer a huge task. RPA can transform data into various formats to work with other systems.



RPA can be used to work with multiple systems to provide on-time reporting - all error-free.


Inventory management

ATP & Inventory management are key to a lot of systems. Instead of doing repetitive tasks manually, RPA can automate all of them.


Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable (AP/AR)

AP/AR processes involve a lot of manual tasks such as invoice and document processing that can be transformed by OCR and other advanced techniques using RPA.


How can Robotic Process Automation help in your Business?

RPA turns employee tasks into automated tasks that allow the business to scale. This means freeing up your employees so they can spend time doing other things that bots can’t do.

How is Business process management (BPM) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) different? 

BPM and RPA both have the same objective – improve efficiency. BPM defines processes, analyzes those processes, and then improves them to increase efficiency. RPA automates this process by using tech. The performance of simpler and rudimentary tasks are easily executed by RPA. BPM is setup to execute more complex and nuanced tasks.

RPA Myths & Facts? 

Myth: RPA software does not require human supervision.
Fact: Humans are needed to program RPA bots and feed them with tasks for automation and managing output. 
Myth: Only large enterprises can afford to deploy RPA.
Fact: Small to medium-sized organizations can deploy RPA to automate their business.

Robotic Process Automation Development Process

RPA is designed & integrated based on your business’s specific needs. BitCot’s programmers incorporate custom elements
required for your business & make suggestions.

Process Mapping

Process Mapping

Analyze the current back-office process. Then, document the flow of that process.

Deep-Dive Analysis

Deep-Dive Analysis

Every step in the process is thoroughly analyzed. All of the exceptions are documented so a complete design can be prepared.

Bot Design & Development

Bot Design & Development

The bot is designed and developed. Security and schedule management are also implemented.

Bot Maintenance

Bot Maintenance

RPA bots require maintenance to catch new exceptions and to continuously improve accuracy and efficiency.

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Robotic Process Automation is the Digital Transformation Journey

How Can Robotic Process Automation Help Your Enterprise?
Digitize your

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RPA needs?

Reduce Cost

Automate repetitive tasks so you’re not wasting valuable man-hours that can be spent doing something else.

Improved internal processes

Automated performance has no human intervention, resulting in results without any human errors.

Lower operational risk

Automating tasks doesn’t require people, so there are reduced human errors.

High-quality processes and output

Processes are standardized and automated. The output for all scenarios is without any bias and follows the same procedures.

Virtual workforces are highly secure

Tampering and manipulation can be avoided by automating processes. Data and results are secured.

Improve Quality

Quality from robots is higher than if done manually.

Benefits of using Robotic Process Automation:

RPA can be integrated in different stages of any system and it will improve the overall performance of the system.

Hire Robotic Process Automation Developers

  • We provide technological solutions for simplifying tasks.
  • We use our skills to create quality products for your business needs.
  • We use technology to create appropriate solutions while optimally utilizing time.
  • Projects are handled by teams for effective management and expert input.
  • Suggest RPA solutions and provide advanced systems for the current and future needs of the business.
  • Encompass the needs of your business through RPA.

RPA is tailored for each business’s specific needs BitCot’s team is comprised of trained and experienced programmers who deliver the perfect software for your business. RPA gets results for your business.


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