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Robotic  Process Automation Development Services

  • Tailored RPA solutions for automating tasks and workflows.
  • Improved efficiency and error reduction through RPA.
  • Scalable systems to handle growing workloads seamlessly.

Our goal is to empower you with a solution that boosts productivity and maximizes efficiency.

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RPA offers solutions to Automate Routine, Repetitive & Costly Business Tasks

RPA streamlines your workflow. Its scalability and flexibility let RPA fit your specific needs. Software robots with RPA are easy to train and use with any system. You can instantly deploy them and make improvements as you learn from them.

Vendor on-boarding

Compiling and uploading vendor data to various systems and providing reports can be performed by an RPA solution.

Data migration

With RPA, data migration is no longer a huge task. RPA can transform data into various formats to work with other systems.

Inventory management

ATP & Inventory management are key to a lot of systems. Instead of doing repetitive tasks manually, RPA can automate all of them.

Software installations & AI Driven DevOps

Setting up software across different systems, error handling, and ticketing tasks can be transformed through RPA. RPA provides higher accuracy and quality than manually doing these things.

Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable (AP/AR)

AP/AR processes involve a lot of manual tasks such as invoice and document processing that can be transformed by OCR and other advanced techniques using RPA.


RPA can be used to work with multiple systems to provide on-time reporting – all error-free.

How Robotic Process Automation Can Help Your Business

RPA streamlines operations by automating repetitive tasks, freeing up valuable time and resources. By implementing an RPA solution, your businesses can enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and achieve significant cost savings. Experience increased productivity and scalability as RPA revolutionizes your workflow, allowing your team to focus on strategic initiatives and driving business growth.


Robotic Process Automation Development Process

RPA is designed & integrated based on your business’s specific needs. BitCot’s programmers incorporate custom elements required for your business & make suggestions.
Process Mapping

Evaluate the existing back-office procedure, followed by a comprehensive documentation of its workflow.

Deep-Dive Analysis

Every step in the process is thoroughly analyzed. All of the exceptions are documented so a complete design can be prepared.

Bot Design & Development

The bot is skillfully designed and developed. Security and schedule management are also diligently implemented.

Bot Maintenance

RPA bots require regular maintenance to proactively catch new exceptions and continuously improve accuracy and efficiency.

Top 5 Gartner RPA Tools in 2018

We are super proficient in all the latest technologies and a lot more under our sleeves/stack than what's listed here!

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Benefits of using Robotic Process Automation

Customer Service

Emulates human execution of repetitive processes using various applications and systems. RPA can do data compilation, organization, and automation as required based on the workflow needed.



Robotics process automation can easily simulate rekeying data from one system to another. It performs tasks like data entry, copying, and pasting. Routine tasks such as tax filings and uploading the requisite data/forms can be performed through RPA.


Supply chain

Automates the extraction of data and provides accurate, effective, and timely reports. All communication regarding shipments and other tasks can be automated without human intervention.



Scheduling appointments, maintaining data records, generating invoices, and claim management can be handled by RPAs.



Allows automated data migration through systems, which is not possible using traditional mediums like documents, spreadsheets, or other sources. Files and automates process flows across various systems.


Misc Solutions

RPA fills gaps with process deficiencies. RPA is useful for automating many simple tasks such as creating tickets, password resets, and system updates.


Hire Robotic Process Automation Developers

  • We provide technological solutions for simplifying tasks.
  • We use our skills to create quality products for your business needs.
  • We use technology to create appropriate solutions while optimally utilizing time.
  • Projects are handled by teams for effective management and expert input.
  • Suggest RPA solutions and provide advanced systems for the current and future needs of the business.
  • Encompass the needs of your business through RPA.