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PartnerHere is a platform that connects people who are looking for partners to collaborate with on various projects. The platform allows users to create a profile, post want ads, and offers under different categories like People, Places, and Things. Users can also message other users to collaborate as a partner using various compensation types like equity, shares, cash, and so on.


One of the key features of PartnerHere is its integration with a Learning Management System (LMS) built on WordPress. The LMS system offers a wide range of courses that users can take to improve their skills and knowledge in different areas. This integration allows users to add the courses they are interested in to their profiles, and showcase their learning achievements to potential partners.

Overall, PartnerHere provides a streamlined platform for people to find partners and collaborate on various projects. Its integration with the LMS system built on WordPress also allows users to showcase their skills and learn new ones, making it an attractive platform for both freelancers and business owners looking to grow their projects.


Partner/Teammate Matching: The web app allows users to find partners or teammates to collaborate with on various projects.

Marketplace: The web app provides a marketplace for users to buy, sell, rent, donate, or exchange various goods and services. The compensation types can be varied.

Search Functionality: The web app offers a search function that allows users to find partners, investors, employees, like-minded entrepreneurs, or any other user profiles based on their needs and requirements.

Venture Showcase: The web app provides a platform to showcase new ventures, and users can receive feedback and suggestions from other users.

Integration with WordPress LMS: The web app is integrated with a WordPress-based Learning Management System (LMS) that offers a wide range of learning modules. Users can manage their membership and access the LMS resources through the web app.

Multiple Profiles: The web app allows users to create multiple profiles for themselves as well as for their businesses. They can manage all their profiles from a single account.

Community and Forum: The web app offers communities and forums for users to connect with each other and engage in discussions.

Direct Messaging: The web app enables users to connect with other users via direct messaging.

Custom Decks: The web app allows users to collect their favorite people, businesses, and offers into customized decks for future use.



Technical Challenges
Developing a complex matching algorithm to facilitate collaboration between users with varying skill sets and interests. Implementing a secure and reliable payment system to enable trading on the platform. Designing and implementing a scalable architecture that can handle a growing number of users and data. Ensuring seamless integration with the WordPress LMS, which may require custom development work.
User Experience Challenges
Creating a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and understand. Providing relevant and accurate search results to enhance networking capabilities. Ensuring that the community and forum features are moderated properly to maintain a positive user experience. Balancing personalization with privacy and security concerns to ensure user trust.

Project Goals

  • The primary goal of PartnerHere is to help users find suitable partners or teammates to collaborate with on various projects.
  • The web app aims to provide a platform for users to trade goods and services with each other using various compensation types.
  • PartnerHere's search functionality, community and forum features, and direct messaging aim to help users network and connect with other users who have similar interests and requirements.
  • The Venture Showcase feature of PartnerHere is aimed at helping users showcase their new ventures and receive feedback and suggestions from other users, thus promoting entrepreneurship.
  • The integration with WordPress LMS offers users access to a wide range of learning modules, thereby supporting their professional development and helping them acquire new skills.
  • The ability to create multiple profiles for self and businesses enables users to manage all their profiles from a single account, providing them with flexibility and ease of use.
  • The custom deck feature of PartnerHere allows users to personalize their favorite profiles, offers, and businesses for future reference.


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