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Stacked gets you rewards at your favorite local small businesses in this easy-to-use platform. Stay connected with the businesses you choose while you save money by earning points and receiving special discounts. View business descriptions, info, hours, website, directions, and more!! Get notified instantly when you’ve earned rewards that can be redeemed easily and effortlessly.


As a registered member you can earn and redeem points for the products you love, plus discover exclusive deals all in the Stacked app. Connects you to social media platforms and multiple ways to pay by automatically connecting you to business iwallets.



    The Ultimate Points & Rewards System

    Scan, save, and connect with your favorite businesses all on one platform

    Keep Track of Points, Offers, and Deals on our easy to use App

    Latest QR Scanning technology. Just scan at your favorite businesses and start earning points, rewards, and special deals

    The connect feature directs you to every social media platform the business has to offer
    Connect with businesses Venmo, PayPal, and other Iwallets for more ways to pay


    Lack of customer loyalty
    The app addresses the challenge of retaining loyal customers for local small businesses by providing a rewards and points system that incentivizes users to stay connected and engage with their favorite businesses.
    Limited access to exclusive deals
    The app solves the challenge of customers struggling to find exclusive deals by offering a platform where users can easily discover and redeem special discounts and offers provided by the businesses they choose to connect with.
    The complexity of rewards systems
    Stacked simplifies the rewards and points system, making it easy for users to track their points, offers, and deals within the app. This addresses the challenge of customers facing difficulty in understanding and managing complex loyalty programs.

    Project Goals

    • The app aims to increase customer loyalty by providing rewards, discounts, and special deals to users who stay connected with their favorite local businesses, ultimately fostering long-term relationships between customers and businesses.
    • The app strives to make it effortless for users to redeem their earned rewards by providing instant notifications and easy redemption options. This goal aims to enhance the user experience and encourage customers to actively engage with the app.
    • Stacked aims to provide a comprehensive platform where users can easily access business descriptions, hours of operation, websites, and directions. By improving information accessibility, the app aims to facilitate seamless interactions between customers and businesses.


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