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Response Ready is a mobile application designed to streamline the inspection and verification process of Automated External Defibrillator (AED) devices and First Aid cabinets across multiple client locations.


The app enables inspectors to log in and efficiently assess the readiness of these life-saving devices. Inspectors can record positive or negative checks, add comments on device issues, relocate devices within a location, and indicate if an AED device has been used.

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User Authentication: Implement a secure login system to ensure authorized access for inspectors.

Dashboard: Provide a centralized dashboard displaying the list of client locations, highlighting pending inspections, and recently used AED devices.

Device Information: Maintain a comprehensive database of AED devices and First Aid cabinets, including details like location, model, serial number, last inspection date, and usage history.

Inspection Process: Allow inspectors to perform positive or negative checks on AED devices and First Aid cabinets, with the option to add comments regarding device issues.

Issue Tracking: Enable inspectors to record and track device issues, attaching relevant details and photos for further analysis and maintenance purposes.

Relocation Management: Provide functionality for inspectors to update the location of AED devices and First Aid cabinets within a site, ensuring accurate records and device visibility.

Usage Tracking: Enable inspectors to mark if an AED device has been used at a specific location, providing valuable usage data for monitoring purposes.

Learning Modules: Include PDF documents within the app, categorized as learning modules, to educate inspectors about AED devices, their types, functionalities, and usage instructions.

Reports and Analytics: Generate comprehensive reports summarizing inspection results, device status, issue tracking, relocation history, and usage statistics to facilitate decision-making and maintenance planning.


Integration with Existing Systems
The app needs to integrate seamlessly with existing client systems for device information synchronization, ensuring data accuracy and consistency.
Offline Functionality
Inspections may take place in areas with limited or no internet connectivity. The app should support offline functionality, allowing inspectors to perform inspections and synchronize data once a connection is available.
Data Security and Privacy
The app must prioritize data security, protecting sensitive information about client locations, device status, and inspection reports.
Device Compatibility
AED devices and First Aid cabinets may vary in models and manufacturers. The app should accommodate a wide range of devices and adapt to different data formats and communication protocols.
User Training and Adoption
The app should have an intuitive interface and provide comprehensive user training materials to ensure smooth adoption by inspectors and maximize the effectiveness of the inspection process.
The app should be designed with scalability in mind to accommodate a growing number of client locations, devices, and inspectors without compromising performance.
Regulatory Compliance
The app should adhere to relevant regulations and standards related to medical devices and data handling, ensuring compliance and avoiding any legal issues.

Project Goals

  • Provide inspectors with a user-friendly interface to easily log in, access device information, and perform inspections at various client locations.
  • Allow inspectors to confirm if AED devices and First Aid cabinets are ready for use through positive or negative checks, ensuring the devices are functioning properly.
  • Enable inspectors to record comments and details about any identified issues with the devices, facilitating efficient maintenance and repairs.
  • Provide functionality for inspectors to relocate AED devices and First Aid cabinets within a location as needed, maintaining accurate records of device placements.
  • Enable inspectors to mark when an AED device has been used at a location, allowing for monitoring and follow-up actions.
  • Include PDF documents within the app that contain comprehensive information about AED devices, different types, functionalities, and usage instructions to serve as learning resources for inspectors.


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